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Wandering along the the relatively short Courcy Road today I came across three Mercedes cars all white, all fairly new, and all with disabled parking badges. Seems very odd or is it just me?   

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Your point being?
That there are many more blue badges out there than were originally issued. At what point it becomes fair enough to question three identical white Mercedes with blue disabled badges, I'm not sure.
For the latest year of published statistics (2015) there were over 2 million (2.39m) valid blue badges in circulation and just 2,017 reported thefts. That''s less than 0.001%.

Next time you're on the ladder and you see some broken glass from a car window, I bet you it's in a disabled bay. In fact it happens right after a heavy overnight rainstorm too.

I have confronted a gentleman who was attending mosque in his work panel van with a couple of his employees utilising a blue badge. When I say confronted I just took a photo of his car. He made as if to punch me but just got in the car and drove off at speed with said employees. Maybe it wasn't stolen but nothing about the situation showed it was being used as intended.

True, and disabilities aren't always conveniently visible. A driver with multiple sclerosis for example, might not look obviously disabled on a good day. 

There is some abuse of blue badges, EMC2.
A couple of years back, Haringey staff carried out some checks on cars parked near Tottenham Hotspur stadium. The aim was principally to assist those people who lose out most, which is not the Council but people with disabilities who aren't able to park as near to their destination as they need to.

So can I suggest, EMC2, that instead of (or in addition to) posting here, that you supply the registration car numbers to Haringey Parking Service and suggest they do a check.

Incidentally I can confirm John McMullan's comment about the difficulty in getting a blue badge. The process seems to have been tightened up. But also appears less than efficient. We have a family member who can walk only very short distances and then with considerable pain and frequent rests. The total time taken for the adminstration was quite lengthy. And before she got her badge she had to visit an assessment location with no nearby parking spaces. So she needed taxis, which not everyone can easily afford.

What "check" would you think the parking service can carry out? A blue badge is issued to a person not a specific registration

They could check that the cars are not parked for more that three hours.

Well that can only happen at the time...emailing these photographs to the Council would be a total waste of time

I was thinking of checks by the Parking Wardens, on the ground, not by email.

Well I was challenging the statement "that instead of (or in addition to) posting here, that you supply the registration car numbers to Haringey Parking Service and suggest they do a check".

I didn't say that. But it's not easy to see who is replying to whom on here :-)



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