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Does anyone know someone that can do a home visit to clean the computer ? I think i got it from streaming movies

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Surely Marek's your man, James?

Yes, streaming those sort of movies can often bring on a virus

Just out of interest do you have any virus protection on your computer James? I wonder how good they are at picking things like viruses in torrents or steaming up?

Hi James

could I help with this?


Read reviews on Marek, if you haven't already. (And NO, I'm not on commission!).

Marek. Just as a general piece of advice. I have a mac, it has F-Secure virus security on it, and I do sometimes see films via streaming or torrent. Is the F-Secure likely to be sufficient, or do I need to be doing more to protect myself?

I don't think you need more protection.

The best protection is any anti-virus plus common sense

Fair enough. I think the problem is, I (an lots like me) probably do not know what the risks are, and how to judge what is and is not going to be a problem. Thanks anyway.

Justin, I have a Mac too and although I've not been troubled in the past by viruses, I do now use the free "Sophos Anti-Virus" (free). It appears on the Menu Bar.

It is configurable and works in the background. It updates automatically, daily. The downloading is quite dense and tends to bog down the machine. To a greater or lessor extent, like other anti-virus software, its use tends to slow down the normal operation of the machine.

I've private messaged you Marek. Thanks to everyone for your help



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