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Help !

I've been on the ladder for 3 years now and I can not possible deal with my* acanthus any longer ! How do I get rid off acanthus ???

I'm renting and I've got a cat. So, I want a cheap and cat friendly way to destroy them !

I've tried to dig them up as much as I could, for 3 years, yes ! The trouble is that their roots are going deep down under the paved terrasse (which I can not destroy !) 

They're taking over everything I try to implant :(

Any gardener tip / recommendations maybe ?

Thank you for your help,

The desperate renter of the ugliest garden on the ladder...

*I'm assuming it's the flat owner who decided to plant them.

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If you don't want to use glyphosate you will have to dig down very very deep, remove all the soil and infill with new soil.

Glyphosate can be used relatively safely buy cutting the big leaves off and injecting the stalks then covering them securely with a plastic bag.

Ok... Might try that... Thank you !

And if your flat is in Warham Rd then I apologise...

Ahah ! Nop, that"s not mine !

I planted loads in my old flat...



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