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We are looking at getting some aluminium sash windows installed high up in our loft - we have timber sash elsewhere in the house but for maintenance / tricky access we'd need aluminium or PVC high up. Has anyone had installed aluminium sashes installed in Harringay? I'm looking for windows which would be in as much in keeping with the rest of the (mostly original) windows as possible- i.e. thin glazing bars. I'd like to avoid PVC for several reasons.
I've found a couple of companies that make aluminium sashes but would be keen on recommendations if anyone has any.

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You could try Silverline http://www.silverlinewindows.co.uk/ windows in Bounds Green.  A local Architect friend of ours uses them a lot.  They do both aluminium and uPVC.  Their website isnt great but we popped in to their workshop and received very good service.  I personally dont like uPVC but agree with your point that in the loft, maintenance can be tricky so when we did our loft we used Velfac - http://velfac.co.uk/ which is the sister company of Velux where it is aluminium on the outside but wood finish on the inside.  Velfac are mainly designed for use by architects and property developers so they aren't well set up for dealing with the public (although that might have changed since we did our loft 2 years ago).  You also might find hat Velfac are hard to retro-fit in to a window space already in existence as their service relies on you to measure and spec the window sizes you want/need.  Hope this helps.

You could try Senior Aluminium Systems. They installed sash Windows at my friends old house at 5 Pemberton.
Origin are nice aluminium Windows. I found: john@aspirebifolds.co.uk very helpful.
Thanks everyone- we have gone with Aspire bifolds in the end, who will be fitting Alumatherm (one of the few aluminium sliding sash windows around). Senior unfortunately don't do an aluminium sliding sash. Silverline did a bit of a hard sell on their preferred uPVC system. Can provide far too much detail now for anyone else who needs similar info!



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