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Any idea about the loud intermittent alarm that comes from the direction of Hornsey Depot?

I live on the North end of the Ladder - close to the Mosque on Hampden Road.

I've been aware for a couple of years now of the alarm that sounds through the day and night that comes from the depot. I don't notice it so much during the winter because the windows are shut but as we lurch into summer again, I'm noticing it all through the night.

Anybody else hear this alarm? Anybody any info on this? Thanks in advance

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I hear it ( probably closer to the depot than you )  Always mean to investigate. I wondered if it was a burglar alarm on the unoccupied Wilmot Dixon building.

What is it like? I hear a high pitched noise lasting about 4 seconds with an interval between of about 40 seconds- I'd love to know what it is as it sometimes occurs for hours at night- and its not tinnitus!

It's a two-tone sound like a car or burglar alarm. It goes on for hours at a time with short breaks.



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