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This cat has been hanging around our back garden all day today, looks fairly young and healthy. It's very friendly but has no collar and seems hungry. I think it's female and she doesn't seem like a stray.
Anyone know who she may belong to?

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This is not my cat but we met on the 11th when it came into my front room and made self (definitely same cat but I was pretty sure is a boy cat!?) at home. It seemed to me like it had a family, just wanted to stay out of rain?

Could well be male. S/he is quite persistent in wanting to come indoors and does not look like a stray.

Be good to find the owner as the cat looks like it has a home 

Which area do you live in? Just trying to figure out if it could be my neighbour's cat.

Hello JJ and Robyn, I bumped into this cat on Witghman road this morning on my way to work and I took him to the vet to see if he was chipped. He kept crossing the street and was about to be run over twice. It turns out he has been missing from his home in Holloway Road for the last two weeks and has now hopefully been reunited with his owner (I left him with the vet). Sometimes it is worth checking if cats who seem lost have a microchip, as they might indeed be missing. I am pretty sure we are talking about the same cat - see picture attached.


Hi yes it's the same cat. Although not sure how I was supposed to get it to a vet at 9pm in the rain without having either a car or a cat carrier....

That's great news! Well done everyone for helping the cat.



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