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We are asking Haringey Council to include a leisure centre with swimming pools in the Wood Green Area Plan. There has been no public swimming pool in Wood Green for two decades, since Western Road pool shut in 1997. There are only two leisure centres with public pools in the whole of Haringey, Park Road and Tottenham Green.

A combined leisure centre and pool in Wood Green would be a huge asset for residents of all ages. It’s vital that this opportunity is not lost.

If you agree with us, please sign our petition at https://www.change.org/p/haringey-council-a-third-swimming-pool-in-.... We would like to get at least 1000 signatures before the public consultation on the plan concludes on 28 April 2017.


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Great initiative, we do need another pool.  Preferably one that people can regularly access without having to pay an extortionate joining fee. 

A lido at the bottom of Alexandra Park, maybe where the filter beds are currently. Great idea Lesley. Signed.


So the pool was in the building now known as The Decorium. Can't find any decent photos of the pool when in operation. A BBC article (2006) talking about the problems back then for swimming pool provision.

Useful article, thank you. So now we have 4 generations of Wood Green children who have grown up without a local swimming pool.

Durnsford Road Lido was another large, popular local pool that closed completely.  It had been bombed in the war and eventually shut its gates in 1989. The Sunshine Garden Centre now occupies the site.

Great idea and necassary.


As someone who keeps fit, I would LOVE to swim more - because I have never been any good at it and would love to practice more. 

Unfortunately , I really have no idea how to go swimming these days. The days of being able to roll up your trunks into a towel and pop to the local baths seem to have vanished by a byzantine system of 'subscriptions' and 'memberships' which work on what I call 'the mustard principle' in that you end up paying fortunes for things that you will never use in order to get to the thing that you will. 

Just set up a swimming baths where you can rock up, pay your entry and go swim, without the need to give all manner of personal details. 

You can turn up at Tottenham Green or Park Road and pay about £4.50 and swim (providing there is a public session on at the time). Not sure where you've got the idea that you have to be a member or have a subscription!

The impression comes from places like the faceless mausoleum that is Clissold Leisure Centre, where if you want to go in to ask a question, you cannot get out because they have a highly restrictive one way system. Then there are all these 'gyms' run by Better where work colleagues of mine are paying £50.00 a month just to go swimming. 

But I am mightily glad to learn of these plain old pools and will give them a go. 

You can also just rock up to swim at Clissold and go straight back out the door you came in!

I do actually pay £29 per month for a swim only Better membership, because it saves me money, if your friends are paying£50 a month to swim they are being ripped off.

I shall try Clissold again then, but the last time I went in they had a one way system and you could not get out via the door you came in. 

I have had a look at the Wood Green Area Plan and there is only one mention of swimming.

I was brought up in Wood Green in the 50's and 60's and used both the swimming pools at Western Rd and Durnsford Rd Lido (and also the Tottenham Lido). I also went to the roller skating rink at the Alexandra Palace.

I now live in Norwich and regularly use the city centre's leisure centre and swimming pool and its sauna, steam room and jacuzzi (twice a week). It's incredibly popular with all age groups and and brings a bit of a buzz to the vicinity and is just what a town centre like Wood Green should have.

I hope Haringey Council does not overlook such a winner? Town centres are not just about retail shopping, cinemas and food and drink.

I certainly support this campaign.



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