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I've just almost had an eye taken out by an old lady cycling on the busy pavement at Crouch End Broadway with an umbrella up - there are so may cyclists dangerously  weaving in and out of startled pedestrians everywhere totally unchecked that it's become ridiculous, but what to do about it?

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I'm not seeing the passive side to that label right now ;)

I started the discussion and I don't think I'll ever bother posting here again - so many abrasive people  just spoiling for an online row.

Hey how, here we go again. I think I will have to post a positive thread as threads like this are fuelling almost hatred
By the way Hugh, the reason why you saw so many cyclists on pavements in Kyoto, is because in Japan, cyclists are expected to cycle on pavements. People who cycle on roads are thought to be idiots and do it at their peril
I used to live in Tokyo and cycled everywhere by road. But when a car hit me and badly damaged my new bike, it was very hard to get any expenses, as cyclists are automatically to blame for any accident as they should be on the pavements

I never saw any collisions between cyclists or pedestrians and there was great sense of patience and harmony in their weaving.
I'm sure there is a lesson there somewhere

I thought this discussion went off on some tangents at times but there are fair points to debate. I don't necessarily see that disagreeing with someone is tantamount to hatred--some may not completely effectively make their points.

That was very interesting about the culture in Japan in this regard. It almost makes a greater point that there is no single culture here as people come from all over. I personally am loathe to go on the pavement even when it's the only option (e.g., blocked road). But there are others who seem to have no problem doing it for miles on end. I am a foreigner but my perception is that cycling should never be done on the pavement and so I don't.

It's illegal. £500 fine.

If so, then such law is not being enforced it would seem.

Current advice is that police should use their discretion. See https://lcc.org.uk/articles/minister-for-cycling-clarifies-pavement...

I'm sure the police prefer to attend to more exciting crimes. Perhaps if they were allowed to keep the £50 fine ?

50, not 500
£50 is the on the spot amount. The maximum is £500.

Ive seen the spot fine only ever in the City on Bishopsgate.

Exactly. So 50 in 99.9% of cases.



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