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Declutter your front garden with small wheelie bins for free - time is running out

From 31st July you will need to pay £30 for a new wheelie bin.

Now is the time to declutter your front garden for free with bins more in keeping with the limited space most of our gardens provide and reduce bin blight in our streets.

240 litres are the standard with the option of 120 litres for the black bin and a 100 litre recycling bin.

We are a family of four and never fill our black bin but often fill the recycling. It works well for us. We were initially refused but insisted that we could manage with the reduced capacity.

If however you are happy with the current arrangement and have a faulty bin, you should request a replacement now.

And if you're feeling really charitable and community spirited, you can order a new bin for your HMO neighbours (I'm sure they won't mind).


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Good idea, I could do with an upgrade on the food bin. I would have shrunk our black general waste bin but I'm going to need it for garden rubbish going forward.

What is HMO?

HMO = House in multiple occupation

Just think how much money a homeless person could make selling used wheelie bins to people. This is going to be a real game changer. Previously these bins just sat in front gardens or sometimes even on the street unwanted, now they'll be GOLD!!!! Fill your boots!

Thank you Nick

I rang and asked for a smaller grey bin, and was promised a new one with no probs.  Amazing!



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