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Application Reference HGY/2017/3207 

Consultation end date: 30/11/2017

Address: Unit 1, Cranford Way, N8 9DG (off Tottenham Lane) 

Extracts from 'Planning, Design & Access' document:

"Installation of 10no. commercial kitchen units and 3no. ancillary units to form a commercial kitchen facility (use class B1c) for a temporary period of five years."

"Deliveroo intend to use the site to accommodate ten mobile kitchen units which would operate as commercial kitchens used by restaurant operators. Three further units will be utilised for W/C, General Walfare and Dispatch facilities. The proposed units will provide a total floor area of 331 sqm."

"In terms of operation, food would be cooked within the kitchen units to order and Deliveroo riders would collect the items to deliver to the customer."

"Deliveroo will operate the kitchens between 17:30 to 23:00 (Monday to Thursday) and 12.00 to 23.00 (Friday to Sunday)."

"Deliveroo riders principally use a mix of pedal cycles and motorised scooters. The catchment area for deliveries from the application site is typically 2.5km, and the maximum riding time for the delivery riders to take the food order from the site to the customer is 15 minutes. When not in use during operational hours, bikes scooters will be taken away from the unit by the riders. There will be no storage of bikes overnight."

"In terms of movements, the application site will require regular access by Deliveroo riders on bikes and scooters in addition to service vehicles during the operational hours of 17.30pm and 23.00pm (Monday to Thursday) and 12.00am to 23.00pm (Friday to Sunday)." 


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Better bring in mandatory training and licensing for them.

The pillion passenger is the main problem as it is a source of crime. Nobody who currently commutes on a moped in London would be inconvenienced by using an electric bicycle.

My normal, rather elderly legs couldn’t manage it John but I regularly need to travel that way so an electric bike might be the solution

You can also use the electric bicycle to just "assist" your own cycling. It would also charge your battery (a modest amount) when you go down hill.

Michael, I saw this and thought of you. ;)

Wasn't there a plan to pilot the use of electric KenBikes (as they should be called) in the west of Haringey as it was felt the hills would put people off using leg-powered borrow-bikes?  Did it ever happen?

No sign so far, and (my opinion) it was always a stretch option given how much more expensive electric bikes are compared to push-bikes. And who would charge them overnight... 

Erm, 'too posh to push' comes to mind, out of context.

Yes I live east of the railway. And I cycle.

This is absolutely fantastic news if you ask me. We noticed a few new things had popped up on Deliveroo and got a bit excited. There is very slim chance that anything like Meatliquor/Mother Clucker/Busaba etc would ever open on Kebab Lanes, so being able to order from them is a great thing in my opinion.

Agreed. Absolutely excited that we can order something else other than the very boring kebab.
This is good news. It creates a few jobs in a borough that really needs them. They may be casual jobs but the workers will spend some of their wages locally which will help existing local business owners.

I'd love to see the Council or the MP encourage some high tech or other light engineering enterprises which could create more skilled jobs for young people.
Great news. Those moaning need to get a grip! At least it’s not another kebab shop.

If you like your food cooked in a container parked by the roadside...



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