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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

wow! lovely architecture.... beautifully restored! and new addition. Asset to the local area! 


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I think this home features on Chanel 4 Grand Designs tonight... if anyone is interested

Everything can be wonderful if you have the money to spend. 

Where is this place? I am fairly surprised that something presumably uninhabitable at completion on an admittedly busy road (hence the zinc covering) would go for not much less than a ready to go house on Wightman Road (which is my own personal reference for a "busy road").

The staircase idea is pretty cool even if many would probably have chosen a different colour.

The commenters to the story sound like a lot of people from this site :)

Muswell Hill I'd guess, judging by the steepness of the road and the Edwardian style houses seen in two of the Daily Mail photos.

Yes,You are correct! Good guess... it's just before the mossy well pub
Chanel 4. 9 o'clock today

The 25th Open House weekend is -- this weekend. Locally, St Paul's Church is open Sunday afternoon - details here. The full set of Haringey events is here, and includes a house with new extension on the Ladder (open Saturday) and one over the railway on Stapleton Hall Road (open Saturday afternoon).

A great house and an interesting episode of Grand Designs. The Daily Mail article annoys me (no surprises there) - the couple didn't design the building themselves - they hired an architect! They project managed it themselves. It gives no credit to the work of the architect!

Great, except that it's in Muswell Hill, Haringey, not in Harringay.



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