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Walking to the station early one morning this week I noticed a man on the basketball court in Ducketts Common. He was facing me and urinating in full view ON the court. Even when I looked at him he didn't make a move to hide himself at all. At first I thought he was exposing himself to me. I swear that I see at least 2 men a week urinating in plain sight in that park.
What is wrong with these disgusting people? In what part of the world is this OK to do with other people and children walking by? I just wish I could do something when I see it.

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Disgusting human being!

To add to the thread I have seen a man doing a poo against the tree in Ducketts common in broad daylight. Absolutely no regard I am with my 2 young kids looking at him in the eye walking past. I was in a state of shock to be honest -will definitely take my phone out and take a picture next time.

This thread surprised me too! My wife and I saw someone doing it on Priory Road in Highgate. I mean, just a normal guy. Ok it's udnerstandable seeing this in Central London on a Friday/Sat but around zone 3 residential areas? What the hell?! There is too much anti-social behavior and acceptance of it in this borough, in particular on the littering front and I'm starting to get tired of it. 

And do you say anything when you see this behaviour?

I think we all ought to speak up more often, and also call the police to let them know that this is an issue. We all tend to just walk away, and I know it can be a bit scary to confront someone (I've got in some dogdy situations in the past asking people to pick up their litter!) but if we don't do it, then who will?

I didn't  - took a while for it to register while i walked past. But as Maddy says below, we really should.  I think I am getting to the point in doing so. My problem is that I might be overly offensive with my wording! I'd need to practice mindfulness before doing so ;)

Isn't what they are doing offensive? It's all well and good blaming the Council for everything but they can't be on the spot every time there is anti-social behaviour. Saying you're sick and tired of it doesn't make a difference. Do something about it. Intervene.

It's not a bad idea to be prepared with something to say, rather than just issue expletives - I do agree that we need to be proactive about anti-social behaviour.

"Your mother taught you better than that" is one I've used a few times.

Excellent comment. It's non-threatening but points out that it's not acceptable behaviour. I'll use that of I may
Unless their mother was from around here

Sorry I for one won't be intervening. The ones I've come across are happy to stare you down so I don't think they would mind abusing me, at best, or physically attacking me, at worst. I hate living in a toilet but I don't want to put my safety at risk either



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