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Walking to the station early one morning this week I noticed a man on the basketball court in Ducketts Common. He was facing me and urinating in full view ON the court. Even when I looked at him he didn't make a move to hide himself at all. At first I thought he was exposing himself to me. I swear that I see at least 2 men a week urinating in plain sight in that park.
What is wrong with these disgusting people? In what part of the world is this OK to do with other people and children walking by? I just wish I could do something when I see it.

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Yes, I was thinking of doing that.
One could always take matters into one's own hands...


That's too good. Didn't Boris purchase a few of these, supposedly equipped with a rather expensive Hi Fi?

The problem is some people clearly already are

I don't think I want to live in London anymore. 

I have a metal door on the Passage mounted on the inside of the wall common to my rear garden.  The door placement allows about a foot and a half of "doorway" thanks to the passage wall and posts between the Passage and my garden door.

This has become the stall for these bums to defecate. Let me tell you how nice it is to go to wheel my bicycle out for work, open the door and be greeted by that in front of me on the step.

That is so disgusting. I live on the passage as well and every time I walk my youngest to school I see human (for sure- I have had dogs) poop. So awful. We have cameras on our house and I would definitely point one there if it started happening here. Yuck.
Well you could record it on your phone....I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMille
When I lived in W Kensington opposite a pub...men would come out of the pub (ie. An establishment with toilets) and piss in my bin enclosure. I kept a bucket of water on my window ledge to tip over these charming gentlemen.
Just count yourself lucky you weren't me two weeks ago on the bus from Manor House when I sat down next to an old man who then started watching gang rape porn on his phone with the sound on full and screen angled towards me. I called him a dirty old man and reported to driver who wouldn't do anything. I should have called the police but it was coming up to my stop at Mattison Rd and I just wanted to get home. I googled and apparently this is becoming a common way of intimidating women.
That's horrible. I would have maybe taken his picture as I exited the bus. It's hard to know what to do, though. I read recently that it is now an offence to watch porn on the tube. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. It is really difficult to understand these awful people. I fear for my teenage daughter when I read things like this.



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