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Walking to the station early one morning this week I noticed a man on the basketball court in Ducketts Common. He was facing me and urinating in full view ON the court. Even when I looked at him he didn't make a move to hide himself at all. At first I thought he was exposing himself to me. I swear that I see at least 2 men a week urinating in plain sight in that park.
What is wrong with these disgusting people? In what part of the world is this OK to do with other people and children walking by? I just wish I could do something when I see it.

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It is interesting that you see a lot more men than women doing this.  Both sexes need to pee so you can only assume that some men for some reason think it is okay as they can do it standing up or perhaps women are better at planning ahead? In any case it is disgusting and in line with the lack of community engagement. We drown in litter in London and Haringey tops the charts for dumping.  Walking through the north end of the ladder on Saturday I noticed and reported two lots of dumped furniture and one lot of builders rubble.

Yes, there is so much dumped furniture outside of my house it looks like someone moved in. Really adds to the ghetto feel of the street.

You ask "In what part of the world is this OK to do with other people and children walking by? "  In my limited experience, the restraint exercised here (until recently, it seems) was the exception rather than the rule. Many countries have a much more relaxed attitude to 'outdoor relief' than we do. And you didn't have to go very far to see it. When my kids were young, 25+ years ago, driving through France on holidays, they used to play a game to see who could count the most men peeing by the roadside. In an hours' driving, it was quite easy to get the scores up into double figures. 

But I don't wish to make light of your concerns. There is no excuse for the behaviour you describe.

I have confronted several cab drivers doing this on my street. It's so disgusting. They didn't even bat an eyelid, not remotely ashamed .

Without wishing to excuse in any way the offensive behaviour, what are they supposed to do ? So many public toilets have been closed in the last ten years.  Café and pub owners are, understandably, reluctant to let non-paying passersby use their facilities. There is a toilet at Turnpike Lane bus station but it is closed more often than not so the nearest is at the Shopping City which is a fair step when your bladder is screaming blue murder. Perhaps men should be encouraged to carry a bottle ?

As a pregnant doctor who rarely gets access to a toilet on a busy shift I seem to manage to save my bladder for opportunities when a toilet arises. I don't just squat down on the floor on he ward when the need arises...

Well quite.  Not once in my life have I found it necessary to urinate in public.

I also bemoan the loss of public toilets, being someone who needs to pee frequently. However there is a difference between a man 'discretely' relieving himself down a back alley and doing it in full view of passers by - the mere act of opening your trousers in public can be construed as quite threatening and I think the men are well aware of this.

I have just noticed a man urinating behind a row of shops at the bottom of my road.   He was middle aged.   Perhaps it's the same person?

Unfortunately was so shocked didn't take a photo, but then it's not something you want to capture!!

Couldn't it be seen as indecent exposure? I've seen men urinating behind River Park House but River Park Road is where many walk through from the tube station so hardly private.

There is, or should be, a bylaw which makes it an offence to urinate in public. All you have to do is point  out the offender to a policeman. That may be difficult, however



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