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Walking to the station early one morning this week I noticed a man on the basketball court in Ducketts Common. He was facing me and urinating in full view ON the court. Even when I looked at him he didn't make a move to hide himself at all. At first I thought he was exposing himself to me. I swear that I see at least 2 men a week urinating in plain sight in that park.
What is wrong with these disgusting people? In what part of the world is this OK to do with other people and children walking by? I just wish I could do something when I see it.

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Whilst I loathe this disgusting practice I really think the Police should concentrate their resources on something more important.

Agree its unhygienic and can often intimidating. Fairlands Park is another popular spot for this. In the bushes beside the tennis court (while children are playing inside the court.) The men I've seen do it seen doing it only visit the park for this purpose.



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