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Extended Ultra Low Emissions Zone proposals - chance to comment

Just received from TfL the latest proposals to cut air pollution in the capital, which include extending the ULEZ to the North and South Circular in 2021. This of course means people who now drive smelly old diesels and some petrol cars will have to get rid of them, or face a daily charge of £12.50. (Which includes me, by the way). It will improve local air quality drastically though, so overall is a very good thing and probably should come in sooner.

I guess it's soon going to get very difficult to find second-hand vehicles that meet the new emissions standards, and there's some doubt whether car manufacturers are working quickly enough to produce suitable new vehicles. I might be joining you in the car-share scheme, Hugh!

To read the proposals and comment on them (you only have till 28th Feb) the link is https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/environment/air-quality-consultati...

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And presumably you know that they have all come from a cycleable distance. Because nobody comes into London for work from a badly connected small town.

A friend of mine cycles in from Hatfield. It's 23 miles. A colleague at my last employment cycled in from Bedford once because the trains were stuffed. He was three hours late to work. As I've been saying - ebikes and 20 mph.

Because destroying something that works to make a new thing that works slightly better makes so much environmental sense.

Vehicles are going to become the new electronics, sling it out rather than repair it.

It works yes. It would also be more efficient to have a shorter exhaust pipe so I don't see why manufacturers just route it out the back of the vehicle via the longest route possible. It's as if they think it's poisonous or something. The best place for the exhaust would be just under the driver's door.

It would also be more efficient to not commute for work. But the factories down the road have all gone.

Toxicology 101: The dose makes the poison.

Apparently, if you live in the ULEZ you'll have until 2022 to change your car. There is a 100% discount for the 'grace period' so we have 4 years to save up. Or, buy a tractor or 'military vehicle' as they're exempt. As are really old cars (that run on leaded petrol probably). 

Historic vehicles are exempt (pre 1977 presently).

I may have to consider the purchase of that hearse with the 409 in it.



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