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Extended Ultra Low Emissions Zone proposals - chance to comment

Just received from TfL the latest proposals to cut air pollution in the capital, which include extending the ULEZ to the North and South Circular in 2021. This of course means people who now drive smelly old diesels and some petrol cars will have to get rid of them, or face a daily charge of £12.50. (Which includes me, by the way). It will improve local air quality drastically though, so overall is a very good thing and probably should come in sooner.

I guess it's soon going to get very difficult to find second-hand vehicles that meet the new emissions standards, and there's some doubt whether car manufacturers are working quickly enough to produce suitable new vehicles. I might be joining you in the car-share scheme, Hugh!

To read the proposals and comment on them (you only have till 28th Feb) the link is https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/environment/air-quality-consultati...

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Here's a link to a very quick check to see if a vehicle will be affected by this, come 2021.


Gosh, this coincides with the schedules that motor vehicle manufacturers like Ford have published. It's almost like the tail is wagging the dog...

Or in reality, you are going to need to find a way to get the electricity into the vehicle. This isn't so easy with a creaking electricity network that needs upgrading to cope with it.

If everyone switched over in London tomorrow you'd be suffering power cuts and brownouts from the increased demand.

The electricity goes into a battery and it can come out again if the car is plugged in and the owner has agreed to sell electricity back at peak prices when demand is high. The experiment with household batteries in Scotland is proving very successful.

As I've started to believe, I think ebikes have more promise than electric cars. Did you see the traffic last night on Green Lanes and Seven Sisters? It was literally miles of single occupancy belching vehicles and busses going nowhere.

No problems traveling via motorbike last night.

Except for the exhaust fumes you generated.

Less than 1% of emissions are down to motorcycles according to the data on TfL's consultation page.

Are you saying that you generated no exhaust fumes? Are you saying that it was worth using your motorbike over a pollution fee bicycle given that speed limits are 20mph now?

I breathe your fumes yet produce none of my own. It's all just so fair out there.

Nope, I'm saying that the mode of transport I use contributes less than 1% of the pollution in London according to TfL.

Since the roads I needed to use yesterday would be illegal to ride a bicycle on I'll stick to a motorbike.

Needed = wanted if you're talking about the North Circular thank you very much.

Erm... no the M4.

Well my point is that anywhere you can get on your motorbike, I can get on my bicycle, I just can't use motorways.

My original beef, and the topic of this discussion, was motorcyclists heading in to central London in the rush hour where the speed limits make it ridiculous.



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