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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey Labour has announced that the controversial Haringey development vehicle (HDV) proposal developed under the Kober administration will be ditched if Labour maintains control of the council in the upcoming elections.

With the local Lib Dems promising the same, the fate of the HDV seems sealed. 

Council leader Claire Kober (Lab) announced at the end of January that she was standing down as Haringey’s leader amid in-fighting within the party, particularly over the HDV partnership with developer Lendlease. Under the arrangements the company would take more than £2bn of council assets and own a 50% stake. In return it would "promise" to create 6,400 homes and 20,000 jobs.

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Excellent news 

Have they proposed a serious alternative to creating that level of jobs or homes?

It would be hard not to see this as a classic example of the middle class putting their own ideological purity above those who would benefit from the programme.

Well said.

Agree with DTW.

'We can do much better than this'. Really? What is your solution then John?

Of course they haven't.

And with most of the new and existing councillors being sent on anti semitism training doubt they will have time for much else....

Oh come on, the plan was one thing but as I have said repeatedly on here, the corruption around it was another. For me it was about the process. And if you think that the company building those houses and charging the HDV for their services were going to let it make much of a profit to share with the council, you're naive. If you think that the PR company that put all three companies forward for the tender process hadn't picked a winner in advance, you're incredibly naive.

The jobs figure was a pretty optimistic guess and most of the flats would have been sold to overseas investors. We can do much better than this.

the "jobs" they talk about are construction jobs, and both transient and definitely not permanent, with the vast majority going to out of Borough folk as the developers use subcontractors who have virtually zero obligation to the section 106. utter bullshit in other words. 

Yes there are serious alternatives actually. But I suspect you're not really interested in this and would rather sneer at those against the HDV as "middle class". This whole deal smelled fishy, as John has alluded to in this thread..

Well you had your chance to convince me of the alternatives yet here I am still waiting for them.

Yup - I’m more than happy to hear them. What are they?

totally agree. It breaks my heart that HDV is dead it really does. It will just stay a ghetto now and just get worse.

Under Lendlease it would have been social cleansing, after all it is what they have done in other boroughs.

Should London only be for the rich? 



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