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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey Labour has announced that the controversial Haringey development vehicle (HDV) proposal developed under the Kober administration will be ditched if Labour maintains control of the council in the upcoming elections.

With the local Lib Dems promising the same, the fate of the HDV seems sealed. 

Council leader Claire Kober (Lab) announced at the end of January that she was standing down as Haringey’s leader amid in-fighting within the party, particularly over the HDV partnership with developer Lendlease. Under the arrangements the company would take more than £2bn of council assets and own a 50% stake. In return it would "promise" to create 6,400 homes and 20,000 jobs.

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Hurrah! Well done the anti-HDV team. A shame the clicktivists of Momentum got all the credit.

In October 2016 someone registered 60 odd new Labour Party members in her ward of Seven Sisters that paid 12 months fees in advance from a half dozen credit cards so that they could take part in the selections in 2017. The selections were delayed until November so for the 50 odd people, including bleary eyed teenagers, who turned up to help her get selected, they had to all pay another 12 months fees on the door, in cash. £698 was collected, in front of the entire meeting, in a clear plastic bag. She won by more than 40 votes. Momentum completely failed to do anything here in what would seriously have been a coup, perhaps they just didn't want the adverse publicity (which they got anyway).

Great news, and John, yes, a shame that Momentum got all the credit.

This however was not the fault of Momentum in getting all the credit, but the media and now soon to be ex councillors who wanted to frame their undignified departure on a Corbyn supporting organisation rather than community activists. In one stroke, they attack Corbyn and also make it sound like they were the victims in all this. Furthermore, they sell more papers this way.

Shameful really.

I couldn't agree to DTW anymore.

A "promise to create 6,400 homes and 20,000 jobs" but who for? Not for existing residents (or 'municipal challenges' as we're known in the trade). In June 2017, the Council's own cross-party Housing and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel produced a detailed deconstruction of the outdated pre-Brexit/2017 General Election business case for the HDV. This drew upon extensive, detailed evidence from a vast range of experts covering finance and risk, urban regeneration, housing, local government and planning, and their written evidence is published as an appendix. It includes well researched viable alternatives that would meet local needs without social cleansing from pages 71-211. Not as sexy as an acerbic one line tweet but far more constructive & informative

Second Scrutiny Report

So what is the proposed alternative?

The silence is deafening 

There's no point, Richard Matz. Constructive and informative contributions are unwelcome if it involves doing some reading and thinking of evidence and ideas.

Seems satire is a bit of a one way street hey Alan?

Yes, insulting those who disagree with you is way better Alan Stanton.

6.400 homes and 20,000 jobs ?

Do we really want these homes ? Where is the infrastructure ? 20,000 extra people on our already overloaded transport system ?

What jobs ? Unemployment is pretty low. If Lendlease " create " 20,000 jobs, presumably they will be in Haringey. Doing what ?

We should perhaps concentrate on improving the existing housing stock, not create more housing which will attract more residents from outside and do nothing for people here currently living in appalling conditions.

Do we even want these homes?! 

Oh the utter arrogance of privalage. Go tell the people living in overcrowded houses. Go tell the young adults depesrate to move out of their parents. 

As i suspected. Anti HDV has nothing to do with helping others 

Yes we want homes, but they need to be built to disrupt the market, i.e. to get price under 12x annual salary. Would a big property developer do this? Not a chance.



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