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For those interested finding out more about the controversial Haringey Development Vehicle there is a public meeting tonight at 7pm in the Wood Green Social Club, opposite the Haringey Civic Centre, Stuart Crescent, Wood Green N22 5NJ.

Leaflet attached.

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Who is organising these events? Its not clear on the poster.

Someone that thinks having a huge area of London populated mostly by gas tankers, weeds or single story buildings is a grand idea ...  

For decades.

Hosting it at that location will persuade even the most parochial attendees that development is needed.
Looks like Jezza's army might be behind it ...


The people organising and attending these meetings range from Labour members (including some Momentum), councillors, Lib Dems, local residents and apolitical people. People who live in the west of the borough and the east. This isn't "Jezzas army".

Just collaborators with jezza's army then? Mind you, they do seem to have some valid concerns. Key questions from my perspective are: who bails out the council if the venture fails and what happens to the vulnerable (physically, mentally, financially) people who live in the social housing which looks to be redeveloped. Even if they are guaranteed housing in the new development (which isn't confirmed) where will the go in the gap between demolition and construction and where will the money come from to house them during that interim period.

There are far too many risks involved with the HDV; from what happens to existing tenants, to council giving away it's assets to a private developer to potential debts we may be saddled with. Aside from the tenants who will have to be rehoused from the houses/estates that are going to be demolished. People and families currently on the housing waiting list will have to wait even longer for any form of suitable housing. Just look at what happened with the Heygate estate in Southwark. In that development, Lend Lease was also the preferred partner and to date, Southwark council has not received a penny in the profit sharing scheme they entered into with Lend Lease. 

Below is the perfect example of ineptitude which awaits us in Haringey.

Southwark Labour Council Leader interview with ABC

Further information on the Southwark "HDV"

The question was, who is organising, not attending.

I would also ask, what's the risks of the council not trying to create more income for itself (and hence all of us) whilst not making more jobs, housing and more rewarding amenities?

I vaguely heard it was Wood Green Arranger. One of your relatives, FPR?

I went to listen and learn. People put money in the bucket to pay for hiring the hall. There's also a crowd fund appeal to support a legal challenge which I'll be putting money into.

I knew some of the people there. And some I met for the first time.

I sat next to Professor Michael Edwards who Zena and I had met once at a planning event. He has posted his contribution online here.

Rev Paul Nicolson was on the other side of me. Though he wasn't down as a speaker he said a few words anywhere. Since everything Paul says is both thoughtful and thought provoking I was pleased to hear his view.

A doctoral student named Joe Beswick spoke about research on these types of "vehicles" and set out both strengths and weaknesses of the approach. Something which Claire Kober and Alan Strickland seem unwilling to do.
You ask about the risks, FPR, and the Council's Scrutiny Panel had asked the same question. Specifically for the Risk Assessment which they assumed had been done. They never got it. The request has now been made again. It now seems highly likely that Haringey didn't actually do one.
So you'll realise that a decision on the largest and riskiest venture the current council will make - and possibly the largest and riskiest Haringey has ever made, has been pushed though without a Risk Assessment. I imagine this might be one very good reason why the High Court may tell the Kober Regime to go back to the drawing board.
Gordon Peters - who was another speaker - announced that a Letter Before Action" had been handed to Cllr Claire Kober that evening. I've read it and it's blisteringly critical.
One of the other aspects of the meeting was the wide range of brief comments and questions from people attending. On the whole, few were political points. And there were some people who had come along because they were worried about what would happen to their own homes.
Cllr Alan Strickland was invited. We were told that he had sent a tweet saying he wasn't coming.
Anyway, FPR, it's a shame you didn't go along. I dunno who anonymoose is but they are clearly well informed. And at every stage of this scheme we all need hard reliable truthful information. Not least because if - and more likely when - this scheme goes sour the financial damage to the borough is likely to be enormous. Which would affect not just people directly impacted who will have their homes ad businesses premises demolished.  It would also affect the debt Haringey is saddled with for many decades; and restrict even further our Council's ability to provide vital services.


What the risk of not doing anything? How about council tenants and leaseholders remaining in their current homes, paying rent and council tax? Do you have anything substantial to add or are you from the school of:

1) We must do something;

2) This is something;

3) Therefore, we must do this


Tons single story single occupier housing is neglect on a grand scale. We have a housing crises.

So, in essence, your comments can be boiled down to soundbites and generalities and therefore, can be dismissed . Good to now. 



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