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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any updates with regards to  the HGV's and road humps?

I  know it's been ongoing this for a while but, its gone a bit quiet.

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I know, there are absolutely loads and they make the house shake whenever they hit the road humps

Well I presume you've clicked on your tag for the post. Other than that I think the people for whom it was really an issue have moved away. Haringey's other rat-run, Crescent Rd, has a similar problem.

We are still having issues in Pemberton Road. There are lots of lorries coming down the street and we live in front of a road hump. Some lorries are worse than  others and make the whole house and chandeliers shake when going past. Not quite sure who to report to, but I will check out the previous threads on this tag. I have little faith in the council doing anything about it.

You'd need to ask to have the humps removed. Which would be better for the environment, but then it'd be complaints of speeding.

Can't win really.

When the roads get resealed and so the humps temporarily removed, the speeding is astonishing. Hewitt Rd was done a few years ago and it took ages to put the humps back in, boy-racer heaven.

I'm still really curious about the missing hump at the top of Frobisher Rd, I wish I could have done that where I lived. 

Do you actually get many boy racers these days? I thought they had all died out.

There is that wally with the babyhead exhaust on a smart car though I guess.

Or do you mean the damn Uber drivers that cawl about when there is no one in them and then seem to be doing practice laps for the Monaco Grand Prix when they have passengers?

If you doubt the existence of boy ( and girl ) racers, spend 10 minutes on St Ann's Rd.

A hidden speed camera on St Anne's road would make a fortune

I live on it, I see mainly speeding minicab drivers.

The council have actively encouraged their sub contractors to use the ladder as a cut through in the past. I'd put some pressure on our local councillors to do something if I were you.

I wondered if someone could let me know the rules on HGVs on the ladder roads? I'm not sure what is / and isn't allowed. Many thanks for your help!

Quick glance at streetview on the Green Lanes side of the rungs suggests no vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, except for access. There are no similar signs at the top of the roads because HGVs are supposedly banned from entering Wightman at either end.



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