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The closest to me is Finsbury Park and of course Parkland Walk which I have behind the back fence.

Took a bus to Alexandra Palace one day which is lovely.

Went to Waterlow Park today and this one is gorgeous and so well mainained.

But having lived by Epping Forest for number of years and having Wanstead Flats/Wanstead Park within a few minutes walk, I am looking for something more natural with woods and not so much pavement and manicured lawns etc. 

Mostly to take my dog for walks.

Any experts on local parks/green spaces on here?

I look on a map and try to work out things this way but nothing beats local knowledge.

Anywhere nice I can get to on one bus from Stroud Green Tesco -ish area without changing busses?

Thanks a lot

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If you can get a bomb made and blow up some houses the local Labour councillors will no doubt get together to make sure that it becomes a park rather than housing again.

To be more constructive, the 210 goes along the top of Hampstead Heath which is supposed to be quite nice.

Have the vans with the flashing blue lights arrived outside your house yet ?

If you/your dog can walk as far as Finsbury Park station, the 106 bus (from Station Place, the 'front' of the station not Wells Terrace) will then take you to the junction of Green Lanes and Brownswood Road/Lordship Park, from where you can walk about 150 yards south along Green Lanes to reach Clissold Park. Flattish, and a good cafe.

W7 to Hornsey Health Centre then walk into CREOS leading into Queens Wood with Highgate Wood adjacent. The links have extra info.

Both Queens Wood and Highgate Wood are Ancient Woodlands. Highgate Wood is more "managed", Queens Wood more wild...

You can get the 141 or the 341 down Green Lanes to Clissold, or you could walk East through Downhills to Lordship Rec which is big.  You could get on the Parkland Walk and get yourself up to Highgate Woods/Queenswood. 

For a slightly wilder feeling, to the west I'd go to the Heath (via the Overground to Gospel Oak) and to the east there's the marshes north and south of Blackhorse Road, using the Overground in the other direction. 

Thanks a lot everyone. Dog can not walk too far as she gets tired, she is almost 11 so anywhere I can catch a bus to from Stroud Green - will try.

Was looking at taking the overground from Gospel Oak to Wanstead Park which is nowhere near the real Wanstead Park but few min from Wanstead Flats (massive open space where I used to live before moving here) so still good but a bit concerned about stairs on both ends, will see if my grumpy old girl can manage those maybe once per week.

Parkland walk is a bit too narrow for us as my 40kg of fur is dog reactive which most dog owners understand and keep their off lead dogs away but it is a stressful walk as have to keep her on very short lead.

I know the marshes as used to live close to Blackhorse Rd too some years back. Just new to N4 so looking around this way really.

Thanks a lot for all the pointers, really appreciated

Highgate wood is really lovely (it's the continuation of Parkland Walk/Capital ring), feels quite wild. Otherwise Tottenham Marshes along the Lea river valley is nice and open.

Have not made it to the woods yet but that was a nice discovery



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