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We are just about to have our first baby and we're looking for a cleaner about 3 hours per week. The lady we had lined up unfortunately can't fit us in anymore and it would be great so get someone lined up asap- in fact to start today/ early next week if possible! 

We live at the top end of the Harringay Ladder and are flexible on days as I am now on maternity leave. 

Any recommendations would be much appreciated! 

Many thanks, 


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Hi Leanne - our lovely cleaner is looking for more work. If you pm me I'll send you the details. Kate

Hi Kate

My cleaner has had to return home and so I am also looking for a cleaner too.  Please could you explain what pm is and how I do it so that I can send you my email or phone no.  thanks, Grazyna

Dear Grazyna

I have sent you a connection request which should let you reply to me privately. Best wishes.Kate

Hi Kate

If your cleaner has capacity after Leanne etc I would also be interested and have PMed you. Thank you


Hi Terez - the PM hasnt come through to my work email - I'll check my home one when I'm home and reply - I think she is still happy to take on more (she works mornings)

Best wishes


Thanks Kate. It won't let me send you another message so if it doesn't arrive, would it be ok to connect and PM with me?


Fine! Kate

I've got a wonderful cleaner if you haven't found anyone this week

Hi Sarah. I just wondered if you would mind sharing the contact details of your cleaner? 

Many thanks, David

I am looking for a cleaner for this week . Can you reccomend



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