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LOST female small longhaired black & white cat Ginny - Lothair Road North


Small, longhaired black and white female cat called Ginny.
She hasn't been back home (in Lothair Road North) since last Wednesday 12th July
Have you seen her anywhere?
Do you have a shed or lock up she may be trapped in?
She has never stayed away this long and we are starting to worry.

Any info please call Andy on 07841 462762
Or email me on andytheatom@hotmail.com


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Will keep a lookout, what a pretty cat. Hope Ginny is found soon or comes home through the cat flap.

Is she neutered and microchipped? If she's microchipped, remember to call the microchip company and check that they have your correct contact details.

Lots of flyers are useful, including the road with gardens backing on to your garden.

It's a good idea to put details of a lost pet on Animal Search with close up photos, and it's free to do that.

I have flagged her up to Stokey Cats & Dogs as they help with lost and found pets. There are useful tips on their website.


Ginny has returned covered in dust and very hungry and talkative, but uninjured.

I guess she managed to get herself locked in a shed or garage/lock up nearby - hopefully she has learnt her lesson and wont do that again!

That's great news!

Well done Ginny! Glad to hear it.



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