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Serious road traffic accident. Road closed.
Thanks Hugh

A motorcyclist was killed in a crash at the junction of Woodberry Grove and Green Lanes. It's a very dangerous spot - there are regular serious collisions and this is the third traffic related death there since 2004.

As far as I can tell, most of the traffic on Woodberry Grove is rat running between Seven Sisters Road and Green Lanes, bypassing the Manor House junction to shave a few seconds off the journey. It looks like there's a good case for closing it to through traffic, particularly as there are schools on this road.

Even though it looks rat run-esque, is it a "rat run" when it's the only way effectively to make a right turn on 7 Sisters Road when approaching from the Newington Green side of Green Lanes? 


Yes exactly. Despite Manor House /Seven Sisters being a major junction and Seven Sister's from Manor House to Amhurst Rd being a 6 lane highway there is NO right hand turn from Green Lanes into it when heading north. That means that you either go all the way down past the gardens in Harringay to St Ann's Rd or you do what this motorcyclist did.

Good point, I hadn't spotted that.

However, from personal observation, there are also a substantial number of vehicles coming from Seven Sisters via Woodberry Grove or turning left into it from Green Lanes which suggests that many vehicles are using the route unnecessarily. I guess if Seven Sisters Road is a bit congested, navigation apps probably route vehicles along Woodberry Grove as a quicker option.

Not bypassing, there is no right hand turn from Green Lanes eastbound into Seven Sisters. Agree it's a rat run but that traffic should be going along Seven Sisters.

The only answer is to totally restructure this junction to allow a safe right hand turn from south to east. Woodberry Grove is currently the only way to do this. Physically seperating each lane would probably be the answer. I’m sure there is plenty of room to do this as the current layout was to facilitate trams and trolley buses. Obviously it would involve a lot of expense, but would take the pressure off the northern section of Woodberry Grove.

Surely the recommended way ( as signposted ) when coming from the South and going East is to turn right into Lordship Park and then left into Lordship Road ?

Given all the filtering I've seen Hackney bragging about on Twitter this week I'm not sure that all of the people on Green Lanes have come up that way and it's not a very easy right hand turn onto Lordship Park, is it? So if you miss that you either try an even harder one on Woodberry Grove or wait for the generous right hand turn lights at St Ann's.



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