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Jus walking my crazy dog in Finsbury Park and the amount of mess left behind by people is just awful. Just one example - and just next to a bin. Why?

Also, why so many men think it is ok to urinate against a tree/bush in plain view in this park?

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If it's more acceptable in some other cultures then we have to understand that. You can't just steam roller them into changing.

In 'western' culture it's accepted that you can get so drunk that you can't walk down the street properley and sometimes throw up in the gutter before having a one-night stand. I don't hear other cultures rushing to condemn this and try and change it.

I'm just of a view that you're never going to change someones behaviour if to them its been fairly acceptable from a young age.

If I worked in Saudi Arabia I would not drink alcohol and I wouldn't have sex with a woman I wasn't married to. In Russia I would not wear shorts to church. You have to respect and obey the local cultures.

I also don't think it's in any way acceptable to get drunk, throw up in the gutter and have a one-night stand.

Obviously you wouldn't do those things in those countries because you would be killed or maimed for life. 

We live in a society where people are largely left to make their own decision what is right and wrong. You will not change someone who for their whole lives has thought it is 'not that bad' to drop litter or urinate outdoors.

You're being very British about this. That Britain does not exist anymore especially in London. It is a city of many cultures and nationalities that have to tolerate each others little quirks!

I don't think John is being very 'British' to want to live somewhere where there are acceptable norms. I have travelled all over the world and while I accept that standards vary I don't think it's ok to say people can come and live in this country and behave in the same way they did at home, if that behaviour is deemed unacceptable here. If I went to live in another country I would live by their rules. And if I didn't like their rules I would live somewhere else!! It's ridiculous to say that we have to tolerate littering, spitting, urinating, etc on our streets just because it was ok for them to do it in the places they come from

But the problem is that they are not aware that it's that bad to do it.

So how are you going to enforce this on them without upsetting alot of people? 

I don't care if it upsets them -- they should just be punished! And I think the vast majority of them are aware. It's naive to think they are just a bunch of innocent people who don't understand what's right and wrong!

And why need not to upset them in the process? Too much PC.

If one drops a cigarette on the street and caught, the "wardens" have no problem issuing on the spot fine and do not worry about upsetting the smoker for littering.

This is not only worse (indecent exposure in public place) but also seems like more acceptable than dropping a bit of rubbish on the street.

That is just wrong

But the problem is that they are not aware that it's that bad to do it.

And why is THAT? Because people are so used to tiptoeing about this kind of issues for fear of being accused of you know what?

Anyone coming to stay here - compulsory citizen classes. For those already here - leaflet the area if needed. With info and warning of fines. And then apply - the fines.

Glastonbury festival no urinating sign

we need some of these signs.........

richard where exactly is it acceptable to urinate in public? men do it all over the world for sure but it's not acceptable anywhere.....

Little quirks? You must be joking calling urinating in piblic a "little quirk". Same goes for spitting very loudly wherever one feels

Is it any wonder that people feel it's okay to urinate or litter in the open? They only have to look around them.

Look at the mess Harringay and Green Lanes is in.

Flytips, takeaway litter, buildings covered in ugly satellite dishes, spitting, old mattresses left everywhere, speeding cars on 20mph roads, open drug dealing, high levels of pollution, pavements black with dirt, graffiti all over the bridge etc etc.

when an area is in that much of a state there will be plenty of people who aren't going to respect it. It's called 'broken window syndrome'.

We have a council without any motivation to improve it. The real killer is, the majority of people on this board would have voted for them. 




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