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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Jus walking my crazy dog in Finsbury Park and the amount of mess left behind by people is just awful. Just one example - and just next to a bin. Why?

Also, why so many men think it is ok to urinate against a tree/bush in plain view in this park?

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Brilliant! If only Haringey would invest in something like this just to wash our filthy streets ...getting the pissers would be great fun! too!

Every morning my heart breaks as I cycle through on my way to work. So much litter just left where people were sitting. I wish they would make those caught littering spring a morning tidying up common spaces. Far more effective than fines which I'm sure most don't pay.

it may be worth everyone filling in a complaint about the rubbish on the council website - you can upload photos there too.....


This is a cultural thing I'm afraid. Whenever I've witnessed littering and urinating in the street it does appear to be men of a middle eastern appearance. I think we have to be tolerant of other peoples cultures.

No we don't . You would find FGM acceptable ?

We need park police and some proper rules I was thinking when I was doing my walking jog round the park after Easter
And some proper rules
On the spot fines for littering
Ban barbecues
Keep the noise down or on the spot fines
No live music, this includes guitar playing or any other instrument particularly those under the influence, who then decide they are pretty good and make others suffer
Fine dog owners who don't produce a dog poo bag, although tissues will suffice
Dogs to be kept on leads as can be dangerous and frightening for some people
Actually just ban dogs, much easier
Walking, walking jogs, and yes runners allowed and of course cycling
But if found loitering, to be questioned just in case the person maybe seduced into one of the above ant social or frivolous activities
And of course no alcohol, as the empty bottle of tequila amongst the remains of the party I saw, was definitely the side quick in that particular pile of mess


'Ackney has 14 wardens. Clearly working well given the state of London Fields last weekend. I was spotless.

There are 14 community safety wardens patrolling the borough, 24 hours a day. The team wear high visibility uniforms and can help address issues affecting your community including crime and anti-social behaviour or environmental issues such as littering, urinating and dog fouling.

Wardens patrol the borough on foot, bike and at times use vehicles equipped with CCTV. The team target hotspots, sometimes working with the police and they patrol all parts of the borough including parks and estates.

Wardens have the power to issue fines for antisocial behaviour such as illegal street trading, urinating in the street, littering, noise, dog fouling and graffiti.

For once (!) I agree with you.

I don't. Some minorities within some cultures do.

Jesus Christ are you serious Richard??? Being tolerant of other people's cultures is one thing but this is just anti-social behaviour. What a ridiculous thing to say!!!

I really hope this was sarcasm

So do I!



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