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Jus walking my crazy dog in Finsbury Park and the amount of mess left behind by people is just awful. Just one example - and just next to a bin. Why?

Also, why so many men think it is ok to urinate against a tree/bush in plain view in this park?

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They come here no doubt to "enjoy nature and fresh air" so why destroy it? If someone brings their food etc into the park in a bag - surely they could pick up their own rubbish and put it in o e of tge million bins that are provided here?

It's totally beyond me that people just chuck rubbish anywhere without give a sh*t. Our street is always awash with stuff people chuck out of their cars at all hours of the day. A lot of Albanian/Bulgarians park up there in the evening and then there's the dealers later on plying their trade. Result, pavements and streets littered with takeaway containers, cans, you name it

I was brought up to respect the environment in the sense of not chucking stuff on the street and always taking my rubbish with me when  in the country. 

This reminds me, I was in London Fields yesterday. It was absolutely spotless. There were two 'security' operatives  in high viz jackets, presumably litter / anti-social behaviour wardens.  

Perhaps FP has become so scruffy that this would, sadly, be a viable solution. 

People pissing in the park is revolting. Should be fined heavily. There are toilets. FFS. Some people need a good kick up the arse. 

(rant over)

I really do not understand why people do it. There is so many bins in the park, it is so easy t just put rubbish in the bin.

I understand there is some community type of clean up now and again but frankly I would rather see some park wardens being present and fining the ones who leave all that mess behind.

I used to live by Wanstead Flats which was absolutely lovely (part of Epping Forest) and all locals were dreading nice weather "visitors" leaving similar mess all over the place. Horrid to look at and dangerous to people, dogs, wildlife. 

Again, locals used to organise rubbish pick up days but again I really feel the ones leaving all mess behind should be forced to pick it up or fined to learn the lesson.

Finsbury Park is a lovely place and nicely maintained so people roll in with nice weather to enjoy it and spoil it at the same time.

As to men urinating against trees/shrubs I have to say I have not seen this so much in other places but Finsbury Park is just awful with that. I was in the park for 1.5 hour today and saw 6 (SIX!!!!) doing that in the short space of time.

Is this a North London thing? Am I missing something? And they saw me passing before they even started - did not stop them. Absolutely disgusting 

Hi Anka. Welcome to the neighbourhood! Yes sadly the filth, rubbish and men urinating are commonplace. There are quite a few posts about men urinating openly -- not just in the park -- I have seen it along Green Lanes too! Sadly no-one seems to do anything about it. I agree with you though. I would rather see people fined or having to clear up as a form of punishment

What's so annoying is the park makes so much money one would assume they'd spend it on staff. Also I thought Haringey had hired a firm to fine those who drop their litter?

How is the park making money? New to the area so no idea, would like to know, thanks

For some reason can not upload images to show normally from the phone but here it is from today, just 2 places but the whole park was covered in litter. The bin on first photo was empty. On the second - there are bins around too.

Also, are BBQ allowed in the park? No idea so asking as seen 2 places with people having mobile small BBQ thingy going on with smoke and empty chicken trays lying around.

Fires of any kind were not allowed on Wanstead Flats/Wanstead Park  and there was a number for the Park Ranger to call if one seen a fire/BBQ etc

They make about a million a year by hiring it out to concert promoters, funfairs and TV companies. And yes barbecues are not allowed.

Thanks Ben - there was nobody stopping the BBQs that I have seen and by the spots of burned grass in places those were not the first ones

I would like this tanker driving around locally 

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