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I've grown a couple of Loquat trees from seeds but I'm not patient enough to wait 7-10 years for them to fruit:)

I was wondering if anyone has a good variety fruiting tree to share a few cuttings so I could graft to my trees.

Thanks in advance.


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I have part of a loquat tree - actually growing next door - and have grown several small plants from the seeds from fruit bought from shops. In my experience the fruit only ripens when we have exceptionally hot weather, as we did in June this year. We had about 6 fruits, and the only previous year it bore fruit was 2013 when it  was also very hot. Roy Lancaster (old and well respected gardener) says '... may form fruit occasionally but these rarely ripen.' in his book 'Shrubs'

So although a cutting may grow quicker? bigger? I don't think a 'fruiting' tree is any different, it's basically a question of summer temperature. 

Hi Alyson,

Thanks for your reply. You're absolutely right; they require warm weather to form fruit but before that the tree needs to be either mature enough (7-10 years old) or grafted from a mature tree (cloning from a mature tree also works).

We have a south facing garden with plenty of sun. So I'm hoping to have a potentially fruit bearing tree and that's why I would like to experiment grafting to my existing little trees which I have also grown from the seeds of the fruit I bought from shops.

Would you (and your neighbor) by any chance be happy to donate a few cuttings?

Thanks - Ali

I've got a v big loquat tree in my garden, it has fruited well this year and a couple of other years in the last 10. I'd be delighted if you wanted to chop a few bits off it, it's frankly out of control! I'm in West Green - if you're interested, send me a request .


My tree could spare a few sprigs but Katie's offer seems much better, hope it works!

Thanks Alyson :)

Hi Katie,

Thanks a lot; that'd be fantastic, I'll send you a message.



Here's a pic of the triffid, thought I'd better check it's the right thing, I'm not v good at identifying  plants or trees.

This is the one, I just sent you a message.



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