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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just drove past a what looked like a new cafe "Opera" at a glance. 

It looked pretty cool and plan to check it out tomorrow, just wondered if any one was there today and what type of food it had to offer. 

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I was chatting to the PR guy they have employed on Saturday.  (Where is the opening fanfare post ?)

Beavertown beer is scheduled . I saw burgers on the menu. At the moment they are not taking cash.

Live music planned at weekends. I pity the neighbours upstairs? I guess they have planning and a license for this? Jamjar and Brouhaha had to put in a lot of soundproofing to get theirs. 

They've done a nice job inside but I am wondering why I would want to eat there because so far nothing stands out.

We went in, I really like the atmosphere, but the drinks were very expensive in our opinion. Will try it for dinner, they said they will be doing steaks. I think Neil meant to say they are not taking card at the moment :)

Did Hugh attend the opening day, i saw bunting etc outside but it was raining hard and couldnt be bothered getting soaked. Hope it went well and just glad its not another Turkish restaurant. I'm all for a decent stylish cafe. 

He didn't. He didn't know when it was going to be.

sounded like they missed a trick there then.. they need ya promotional skills. 

What number is it?

I didnt see the number - but its the same side as the Salisbury. Between the Pub and Winkworths (if not the next block up towards Green Lanes Station) 

I hope the food is good. I stopped to have a look inside and the person behind the bar was frantically waving for me to come inside, so I ran off. It's absolutely massive. 

Probably the PR guy they hired! 

Had burgers on Sunday. Really nice and substantial. Wine was a pretty good one at £14.95 a bottle. They have stuff planned (music and beers) and there are little freebies which are nice...
Went in for a coffee. They serve Lavazza now but will start serving Monmouth soon.
Looks like Jam in a Jar meets the other coffee shop that also sells musical instruments meets the other pub near Warham. Apologies, I've had a long day and cannot remember their names.
I actually hate spelling mistakes on a menu and wonder why they don't double check before printing it.
Anyway will try lunch there soon.

Yes I thought it was like they got Music + Beans, Beans and Barley and Brouhaha and thew them in a jar, shook it up and said 'this is bound to work'. I guess it's the same mindset as all the Kebab places suddenly having ladies cooking Gözleme in the window. 

I would like to know why it's called 'Opera' and why their sign looks like someone drew it with a paint filled fire extinguisher.



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