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Does anyone know what's opening on Green Lanes where the old Class International food shop used to be?

Although work has been going on for some months, it seems to be ramping up now although it still isn't clear what the new business will be... 

If anyone has any news, please share! 


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I think Cem might be a letting agent..?

Hi Michael,

When I looked at the two applications that have been approved, the plans definitely featured walls not just boundary lines!  If those walls aren't in existence when the business(es) start trading, does that mean they are in contravention of their planning approval?

I believe the walls were taken down immediately after the inspection / approvals.

we mustn't let this go ahead, and need to ensure these cowboys don't open, as once they do will be too late / more difficult to retract.

I have emailed David Lammy MP who else should we address this to to ensure it gets looked into?

The walls haven't been there for at least a decade, Alex.

May 2015 (from Google Streetview): note that the only entrance is via the unit on the left. Planning permission would be required to reinstate the walls between the units.

I've just walked past Class International and the new shop front is up on the side of Salisbury Road...

...and what did you see?

Not much, the windows are still boarded up. Shutters are off and it looks like they are making progress...

They were doing the windows on the corner property.  I could see right inside. Should have taken a pic. But make no mistake, it's a full on 3 shop kebab house in the making. 

Yes Its going to be big that's for sure, I'm just surprised that the council have issued more A3 licenses in this area, even though different licenses for 1 large property,for the amount of restaurants we already have around here, and we certainly do not need another turkish restaurant. Does anyone know whats happening with the restaurant on the corner, i forgotten name of the road, that has been closed down for a good few months.

Yayla on the corner of Cavendish. 

I've been told that there were some structural problems resulting from the work they did ti extend the restaurant. I think that's now part of the problem with reletting the premises.

Thanks for your reply, it looks like they just walked out of Yayla!



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