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Does anyone know what's opening on Green Lanes where the old Class International food shop used to be?

Although work has been going on for some months, it seems to be ramping up now although it still isn't clear what the new business will be... 

If anyone has any news, please share! 


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I've never seen any Turkish restaurants go under - they all look full to me whenever I pass

Looks like Magara just did. Peak kebab!

Well I was really referring to the mega restaurants - I'm amazed more of the smaller outfits don't fold

The large ones have been around for a while so my assumption would be that they would continue to go on. As I have said before adding another one to the 3 already on GL would assume that they send back 25% of their clientele because they are too busy. That's not the case nor it will ever be. So there is no logic to opening another Turkish supermajor unless you want to do some money laundering...

There are plenty of easier ways to launder money I reckon, but I get your point.

Magara...? lasted all of 6 weeks, and now appears closed.

I think a lot of these business must have a strong online / home delivery presence as I barely see people in them...! ;)

Def I think. We were in the small one (can't remember the name) opposite Hala on Friday evening and there were only around 4 tables but the grill was piling out home delivery orders. It shows that the smaller restaurants potentially serve the local community I guess though I switch between about 4 or 5 for eating in. Whoever has a table!

Yes, they were sensible and closed the business due to a lack of customers.

Indika seems to survive on takeaways. 

One has just closed on Green Lanes the one near the Old Ale. And since Gokyuzu refurb Devran seem to be struggling.

and Golden Sands on West Green rd never has more than 5 customers anytime I've cycled past (everyday) and it could probably seat 100.  I do wonder how long that is going to stay open.

Identical menu to all the other places. What's their USP! Sometimes that hospitality management postgrad I did comes in useful ...

It would be a good riddance indeed. Its incredible that these places continue to dish up 100% identical food and somehow expect the average consumer to believe they differ in some special way. They don't.

I love Turkish food and wish every success to he hard working people who run these places but I think they will need to work harder to survive. The primitive logic of opening where they see others succeed will not hold. Bookies are experiencing over saturation as well, so surely the more they fold the more chance there is that more diverse businesses will begin to open in their place.



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