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Does anyone know what's opening on Green Lanes where the old Class International food shop used to be?

Although work has been going on for some months, it seems to be ramping up now although it still isn't clear what the new business will be... 

If anyone has any news, please share! 


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Turkish restaurant....

Thanks NeilT. Why am I not surprised!

Any ideas when it's opening?

Yes, a Turkish restaurant is being built, I'm told, by the owners of Gunaydin Restaurant in Edmonton. Planning permission has apparently been erroneously granted (under permitted development rights) - in an unusually rapid two-day turnaround. Erroneously, because this type of semi-automatic permission can only be granted to premises of 150 sq ft or less. The original planning applications, as they relate to a three-premises business, were turned down and permitted development rights granted for just one of the three premises in this triple shop premises. A couple of weeks ago I learned that permission was separately sought for the other two and grants were made within two days of the applications being received. Because this is being developed as a single restaurant, these grants are clearly outside the scope of what is allowed within the regulations. I'm told that it's being challenged, but in the strange world of Haringey Council who knows what the eventual outcome will be.

The eventual outcome will be Kebab.
What!!!!! Retail to restaurant of that size is not permitted development. It needs permission for change of use and proper consultation. Any councillors (St Ann's Ward?) reading this can they find out what has happened because frankly it smells really bad.
Link below to the use classes order and permitted change of use

Yes, it's not permitted and, having previously refused permitted development for two of the shops, the planning department is aware of the situation. It's either incompetence or something similar.  

Should we be emailing David Lammy !?

If you think it might make a difference, Alexander, why not.

He doesn't care.
He is useless!
Better to spend your time campaigning to get a replacement MP.

He may also give his broken record message that it isn't his remit as MP but that of the local level council.

He is useless!

Lol when I had a housing complaint he said the same to me also.  

Bandwagon Lammy is awful he talks a good talk to the media but does little for his constituents.

So we'll have three "separate" turkish restaurants instead of one big one.. 



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