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Following the sad death of local politician Nilgun Canver in August this year there have been a couple of discussions on a fitting local memorial. I am personally not keen on mixing any of the local community events with the name of a local politician and I don't think a bench or something like that is appropriate.

What I think would be good is an academic based award for the top Turkish student at Hornsey School for Girls in her name. I'm picking that school because it's the local girl's school. There are no secondary schools in Harringay although I'd take the point that Park View is just as close and has plenty of Turkish female students too.

The idea is to encourage some young Turkish women in the future, to google her name once a year when it is awarded, and hopefully be inspired. I think she would have liked this much more than some silly old bench.

I'm very open to suggestions but to start with I thought we could seek £5000 of donations to award to HSG on condition that once a year they award £500 to their top Turkish student in Nilgun's name for the next ten years. £500 can buy a reasonable laptop or even a good bicycle.

I am stoney broke at the moment but I am willing to stump up the first £500.

If I get just one other person saying yes, I'll get off my bum and speak to the school and see if there are some magic money trees we can shake.

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I've chased a couple of times but communication appears to have fizzled out.

Would the lack of interest have anything to do with her conviction for perverting the course of justice?. 

Actually, I am of the opinion that she was setup by a vindictive police officer and so that is one of the reasons why I am pursuing this. I don't want the police to think they can quietly meddle in politics without getting their hands dirty.

Oh come off it John, she did what any mum would do in the heat of the moment and tried to protect her son.

Nothing to do with the police at all, certainly not initially.

Agree she did what any mum would do, and only for a brief moment. More here.

Given the relatively recent death of Nilgun Canver, there may be local sensitivities around a discussion of the prosecution. It was well enough discussed at the time. So I suggest that we draw a line under this aspect of the discussion at this point. 

Is there a reason why a young woman at Park View couldn't be supported? 

Yes. I was initially looking for the support of a local educational institution to make this an ongoing thing and wanted to make really, really sure, it never went to a boy. Once I get that support I am happy to knock on a few more doors but at the moment I could be some random bloke asking for money.



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