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Just now (6:10 pm) been approached on Fairfax Road by a guy who was saying that he had been mugged. As I stepped out of the car with my two small kids he started talking to me about how we he worked at the Samaritans , had just been mugged and how it 'wasn't his finest hour'. He then showed me what looked like a head wound right on the top of his head.

It was very odd and he looked a bit shambolic, not drunk or anything though. Who knows, maybe he had just been mugged after all, but he didn't ask for me to phone the police, just asked for money and was standing between me and my kids.

As I was a bit exposed with two young kids I simply gave him a fiver and bundled the kids into the house.

Have no idea if he was genuine or not, but my gut says not.

Anyone else have similar experience?

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Go with your gut.

Sorry this happened to you.

Something was just a bit odd. Not sure why he wanted cash. Have let MPS Safer Neighbourhood Team know too, so if he tries it with others definitely let people know.

He is a chancer. Tries it around CE a lot. Just had a regular customer come into HLS with him actually.

He was selling them a different story and they weren't sure what to do so bought him in to see if we could help. One of our staff knew him as he'd tried the same thing on his friends a while back. Offered to call him an ambulance as he definitely needs medical attention this time. Wasn't interested though and headed off towards the Arena.

In a way I am glad.

One, means there is no random mugger around (well at least not one that got him).

Two, by the sounds of it he is more chancer than dangerous.

Definitely seems like he could do with some medical / mental health care though.

Thanks Paul.
I think I've encountered this person before too outside the barbers near the bridge, asked me for £8 to get a cab to the Whittington. I told him I didn't have any cash on me and he offered to go with me to the cash machine which I thought was odd so I offered to call him an ambulance and he wandered off. Did he have a beard?

Encountered someone matching this quickness of mind in Crouch End (thanks for the trigger Paul Harding) a few years ago. Very good at picking up on coincidences of fact (he needed to get to the place my brother happened to live in). Also good at keeping up the patter rate, not giving you time to think 'hang on a bit'.

A useful educational experience.....

Hey, I had the exact same incident on Hewitt Road, but this was back in December. He said he'd been mugged, showed me his head wound. I too offered to call the police but he was just asking for some cash for a train fare to get home. I suspected he was fibbing but he seemed confused and lonely and I felt sorry for him. He seems to have been around for a while then, in a way I'm glad to hear he's still alive.

There's a different man that I see quite frequently begging in a very intimidating way, either on Wightman or on Green Lanes between Turnpike Lane and Shopping City.

Black, tallish, well-built, about 40 years old, quite well-dressed, asking for money for food. His tone of voice and his body language are scary. His pitch is " Give me money " rather than " Excuse me, I wonder if you could help..."  I think he lives at the North end of Wightman.

I suppose the best thing is to ignore him and keep walking but I'm going to have a word with PC Glyn.

I haven't seen him for a while.  He used to hang around outside the Tesco on GL, on the bench.  I offered to buy him a sandwich once and he quite aggressively told me that wasn't good enough.  He did live on Wightman, in the stretch with the sandwich shop on it.  We happened to walk past last summer when they were having some kind of ruckus in the house and had called the police. 

I haven't seen the guy who looks like Tyres out of Spaced recently either - he wasn't so aggressive but seemed quite intense. 

I've been asked for money from him a few times. The first time I felt like you did but the second time around I realised he was a scammer and before he could even ask me anything I told him 'you've asked me this before.' He scurried off!

Yes, saw him again at Turnpike Lane tube last night, he is obviously working this patch now. Watch out Harringay people!

The aggressive man or the " mugged " man ?



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