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I have friends interested in buying a Ladder house near the river but the agent shows the whole garden as belonging to the owne. I know that a large chunk of this is owned by Thames water but I'm not sure where to find the actual details. Anyone know where these can be found and the details of the lease?

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You can buy the Title register and Title plan from the Land Registry online for £3 each, should show you what you need https://eservices.landregistry.gov.uk/wps/portal


I suggest that your friends request the agent to obtain an accurate map.

Will Thames ever know ?
If you are referring to land over the top of the New River tunnel, I believe that Thames Water may licence the owner of the adjoining garden to use it as garden. Building would not be authorised and I don't know of any such land beinv sold.
Licence from Thames water costs £162 a year. You are v limited in what you can use the land for and Thames water can get access if they need to.

Hi there, we have a similar issue and just wondering where you get this info about the £162, is this a standard fee set by Thames water??



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