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Something changed with train lines? Hearing trains at Florence Road since last week

Neverhwrd trains while in my flat but for the last week or so - can hear them in the wvenings every few minutes. Not very loud but still.
I live at Florence Rd.
Anyone knows why I only started hearing them now? Late evenings/nights but only since about last week - never hward trains at all since Imived here in December so this is a bit strange. Hmmm

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Sorry about the typos- posting from a phone with a small screen.
I can hear trains(?) wvery 1-2 minutes or so every evening/night for the past few days which is so strange as never heard any before.
Anyone knows why that may be?
Can not imagine the noise and vibrations to be anything other than trains but why suddenly am I hearing thwm when for the fisrt few months never heard any?
Something must have changed but what and why?
Freaks me out tothink this is going to be a permanent issue

Nobody else noticed that? Just me? 

Never heard those since I moved here in December, only started hearing those since last week. And driving me insane to be honest...

There was some engineering work on there over the weekend, at night, involving a train fixing the tracks. It may have continued into the week. It was mentioned on here somewhere.

Thanks Andrew - wonder what was involved in that?

I honestly never heard trains at all while inside the flat or in the garden but for few days now I hear them every few minutes

Which line are you hearing the trains from? The main line through Harringay or the Overground? Could it be than new slab track on the Overground near Crouch Hill is noisier than the former track?

Might it also be because of a change in atmospheric conditions? I live east of Green Lanes but, in certain circumstances, very late at night I hear the trains on the main line through Harringay as though they're at the bottom of my garden. I must live easily half a mile or more from the railway, and there's higher ground between GL and the tracks, so I conclude there's something about the acoustics (maybe a very quiet evening and a westerly breeze) that sometimes "lifts" the sound and sends it my way. If that's the case here, you may find it comes and goes rather than being persistent. To be honest, I find the sound quite reassuring, but perhaps that's from being shown "Night Mail" at an impressionable age.

Thanks. No idea which line am I hearing to be honest. I am kind of in the corner of Florence Road. Find it terribly annoying as never heard any since December and now all the time and at late evenings/nights this is very distruptive as seems to be wvery 1-3 minutes.

That frequency makes it sound more like the main line to/from King's Cross, as the Overground stops around 11pm and isn't as frequent anyway. Two other thoughts: has anyone removed trees, foliage or a fence nearby recently? Any of those might have been blocking the sound beforehand. And if your bit of Florence Road is at the Stroud Green end, could it be to do with the Overground electrification, possible clearance of the trackside and late-night engineering trains? (Clearance might have happened on the main line, too, of course.) No idea what you could do about it if so, but others here are well-versed in the intricacies of Network Rail/TfL and might advise.

Nothing has changed in the immediate area (my garden backs onto Parkland Walk) and the trains (?) I hear are really that frequent - whatever they are. Hmmm

Just looked at the map to see where the tracks are - obviously they have not moved but some sound blocking thingy may have been removed somewhere on the way.

I seem to be between the overground from Crouch Hill which does not run very late or very frequent and the main tracks visible on the right on the map.

Would really love to see if anyone in my immediate area is hearing this sudden difference or is it just me which would be really worrying as would involve an ENT appointment to check my hearing/noise sensitivity levels :)

I've asked Glenn Wallis who runs the GOBLIN line users group to take a look at your post, Anka. 

Thank you so much Hugh, really appreciated.

I am kind of on the corner of Florence and Marquis Roads, backing onto Parkland Walk.



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