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Something changed with train lines? Hearing trains at Florence Road since last week

Neverhwrd trains while in my flat but for the last week or so - can hear them in the wvenings every few minutes. Not very loud but still.
I live at Florence Rd.
Anyone knows why I only started hearing them now? Late evenings/nights but only since about last week - never hward trains at all since Imived here in December so this is a bit strange. Hmmm

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Answering some points from contributors:

The GOBLIN Overground line is run by Transport for London. If those are the trains you are hearing they would be every 7½ minutes on average, plus the occasional fright train and night-time engineering train. They are diesel trains, so you might hear the throb of the diesel engine as they accelerate away from Crouch Hill station.
On the main line a train is likely to be passing every couple of minutes, though they are mostly electric.

Both lines are in deep cuttings for the most part, so I wouldn't expect to hear the trains very much in Florence Road.

Anka, you say you hadn't heard trains since December. When did you start hearing them again? The Overground line was out of action until the end of February - was this when you started to notice them? Do you hear them during the day or at night?

Hi John, thanks for your reply.

I only moved to Florence Rd at the end of December last year and never heard any trains at untill about 2 weeks ago now so that is why I find it very puzzling.

It is evenings/night time and very frequent - fast trains too, not overground type.

Nobody else noticed that in my area please?

I definitely did not hear any trains when I moved in here in December till about 5 weeks ago and now hear them day and night, very frequent too. EVERY and and EVERY night.

Does anyone know where/which way Victoria and Piccadilly lines run on the map?

Thanks a lot

If they are fast trains, then it must be the main line between Finsbury Park and Harringay, shown running north-south on this map
I don't know of any reason why you would not have heard the trains before December - they have been running for nearly 180 years on that line! The Overground line is the east-west one above your road on the map. The trains here were not running in December, but they started running again at the very end of February, following a period of closure for upgrade work. You may hear freight trains on this line from time to time during the night.

The Victoria and Piccadilly lines run underground below Finsbury Park itself - they are shown as the dotted lines on the right of this map. I don't think you would hear trains on the Underground lines from Florence Road.

Have you tried following the direction of the sound and see where you end up?

I don't know of any reason why you would not have heard the trains before December - they have been running for nearly 180 years on that line!

Exactly - they were. But I never heard them till about 5 weeks ago so that is what puzzles me.



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