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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

London Concrete, which has a batching plant in Cranford Way N8, has applied to Haringey Planning to increase its lorry traffic from 50 per day to 180 per day!! Thus affecting the local area – wider Haringey and Crouch End. Over a 10 hour day that means one lorry every 3 – 4 minutes coming out or going in to the factory. Their reasoning is that they have already broken their agreement for 50 per day and no-one has complained! And Haringey Council has done nothing to penalise London Concrete.

These huge cement lorries, which weigh 4 x a double decker bus, are increasingly using rat runs / smaller side streets as short cuts, which causes noise, vibration, road damage, pollution, plus not infreqeuent spillages of aggregate stones and dry cement, which they don't clear up.

London Concrete has timed the application deadline to hit the Easter holiday period, when many people are away. To lodge an objection you must go to the link below and scroll down to COMMENT ON APPLICATION. Apparently, nothing else counts.

• The deadline for objections is 24th April – very soon! Please tell everyone you know in the area to do the same.


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Here is a very helpful link with lots of simple information: http://www.stroudgreenlabour.org.uk/blog/how-to-object-to-london-co...

Thanks to John Prescott, when he gave the nod to this facility (as Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions), the concrete lorries up Tottenham Lane are more regular than buses.

Hi Matthew, re. Prescott, that was my conclusion, too! I reckon it was all fixed from the start that London Concrete would get planning permission, with Prescott behind the scenes.



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