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She's called Maria and looking for more hours.

We've been living on the ladder for over 10 years and she's the best cleaner we've ever had.

On her first visit she cleaned the toaster! That was 4 weeks ago and now she's folding and putting our clothes away (family of four), emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the windows. Parts of our house are unrecognisable when we get back from work they are in such good order.

Maybe we have just had poor cleaners before or is this normal behaviour?

She lives in Barking so can get here easily & she's really nice, you won't regret employing her.

Message me for her number:

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i live on beresford road.  i have (i think) sent you a message.  i would be very interested to have her details as i am looking for a cleaner

Hi I have sent a connection and would be grateful for her number.
Hello - I would love to get Maria's details. Sounds exactly like the cleaner my partner and I have been looking for for our place!


I would love these details please. 

Thank you

Me too please - new to the area and we're already in dire need!

She sounds great! Please do send me her number. Thanks!
I've sent you a connection request so you can let me know her contact details.
Hello, I'd love her details too please
Sent you a connection request too.
Does anyone on this thread have Maria's number they could pass on to me please? Unfortunately I haven't heard back from Rajinald. Thanks
Maria has taken a full time job at a hotel so is no longer cleaning according to her text to me last me.
Ok, thanks for letting me know.



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