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I'm not the only one who has noticed but the speedhumps at the top of Frobisher Rd are missing. Other roads have at least two where there are none on Frobisher. The speeds people seem to desire to achieve as they race past the entrance to the North Harringay Infants School and the child minder just next to it are eye watering. On top of this, watching them hit the brakes in time for the first speedhump makes you realise that drivers have lost all self discipline and only adhere to speed limits when there are speedhumps or traffic.

I've enquired a couple of times with a local councillor and having lived outside a speedhump for many years and been tempted myself to try to get it moved with a backhander when the street was relaid I can understand why this may have happened but, surely not?

So I've phoned a friend, now I'm asking the audience. Does anyone know why these speedhumps are missing? Any bets on how long it is before a toddler is killed?

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I agree. Cars hurtle along and we often hear them hit that first speed bump hard. It's completely unacceptable, particularly when hundreds of kids cross that road every day.
I wouldn't worry about the speed humps, they'll all be superfluous when you've closed Wightman and pedestrianised the ladder roads.

Count yourself lucky.  Oh that we could get rid of all of them!

Sad to say, but it's unlikely that a toddler will be killed. Parents don't let their children out anymore, they would rather they play with Xwiiboxmajigs than actually go outside.

In reality, it's probably a budget use up. I have never understood the concept behind council finances, i.e. if you don't use it you loose it the following year. I'd expect it will reappear in the next couple of weeks.

"Sad to say, but it's unlikely that a toddler will be killed."

Made me spit my tea out laughing. I think it would be sadder if a toddler was killed. But each to their own, oh child hating EyeSpy ;)



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