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I say thingy as I have no idea what is it called.

There is an isle in the middle of Florence Rd with 2 of those "thingys", one on each side. They are cube shaped and reflect the light when cars are near by. Sort of like large cubes, plastic type.

One has been broken for ages and I reported to I think road maintenance but never was fixed. When I say broken I mean detached from the ground and being moved all over the road by wind. Just heard car going by and it sounded like it hit it.

It is where Marquis Road meets Florence Road (N4 4DJ). It should be attached to the ground on a permanent basis.

I attach a photo of that "thingy" so my post makes some sense.

Any idea who can I report it to so it is fixed?

Thanks a lot

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I've been using that App (ie program) to report esp. dumped rubbish. Half the time the location tag is way off, even if i shut down and start again. Is it me, do I make the earth move?

The web page that shows what I've reported needs to be made two-way.  Then we could correct it if things are wrong, or eg if a dumped mattress gets picked up by someone who needs it to sleep on so the pick-up is no longer needed.

Nobody came to look at it but someone has put it in it's place so it looks like it is fine - it is not as not bolted to the ground as it should be but anyone coming over to fix it will look and tick some box that it is fine...

Next time I see it rolling around I will just put it in the communal massive bin - if one is missing they will have to fix it.



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