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Looking at a map recently I noticed that Woodstock Road appears to be a B-road - the (southern end of the) B150.

Here it is on the Ordnance Survey online:

And on Bing

Openstreetmaps has both Woodstock Road and the bottom of Upper Tollington Park both designated as B150:

Google maps doesn't label either of them:

The mystery to me is why Woodstock Road was a B-road in the first place. I found this 1884 map of water board districts which seems to suggest that Woodstock Road (or part of it - and that part leading into Victoria Road rather than Florence Road as at present) existed before Upper Tollington Park was built, but it's not obvious why it would have been a B-road then either (and I think this that was some time before roads were classified anyway):

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Haringey Council themselves seem confused - in this 2015 FOI response Florence Road (presumably just the one-way bit of it between Woodstock Road and Upper Tollington Park) is listed as a B-road, but Woodstock Road itself is not on the list:

OS view - see below:

Perhaps they had plans to make more of it at one point, they've certainly had plans to make even MOAR of Wightman Rd, but they just didn't finish them. It's traffic calmed, a cycle route and one-way the wrong way now. It's too nice an area to destroy with excessive traffic levels, even our MP lives there.

...and I guess it does make a nonsense of the B road argument about the need for protecting Wightman for traffic. Whilst there may be other arguments the B road one was clearly deemed meaningless by Haringey at some point, only be taken out and dusted off when needed. 

THere's a very disappointing pattern to Haringey's decision making. They have clear polices and they choose to stick to them, not stick to them, dissemble around them as they see fit. The Hampden Road Tower decision was another recent case.

I think Lammy moved to Stroud Green in 2009? The rat-running protection measures were already in place by then so we can't attribute that to him.

I think former MP Douglas Alexander used to live there too though?

I guess it makes sense for cyclists to be segregated from the ministerial charabancs...



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