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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I was interested to read in an Act of Parliament from 1830* that there apparently used to be a Bishop of Harringay.

*IX. Geo. IV. c. 25. Private. An Act to enable the Wardens and Governors of the possessions, revenues, and goods of the Free Grammar School of Sir Roger Cholmeley, Knight, in Highgate, to pull down their present Chapel, etc. 17 June, 1830

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I read it that the Bishop of London also happened to be Harringay's Lord of the Manor - so he was a bishop from Harringay rather than "Bishop Of Harringay"

Yes of course, that is pretty obviously what it very probably means. It's also the case that the reference to Harringay is to the Manor of Harringay otherwise known as Hornsey (parish). So we can kill all the joy, but I'd rather celebrate the more fanciful notion of a Bishop of Harringay. Were I an artist, I'd pen a picture.

This site seems to suggest that the episcopal residence was in the middle of Highgate Golf Club:


Right next to Bishop's Avenue (although I'm not sure how old that road is?)



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