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More than 1,000 new trees could be planted across the borough as part of Haringey Council's ongoing commitment to a greener environment.

At least 250 new trees will be planted every year until 2018 under proposals outlined in the council’s Tree Strategy, which is now open for consultation for residents to have their say. Click here to find out how to take part

Haringey Council wants to give more people the chance to become trained Tree Wardens, receiving free training and skills to help promote the benefits of a greener borough to their community.

The plans would build on the success of the council’s first ever Tree Strategy, which was launched in 2008 and led the way to an incredible 3,100 new trees being planted in parks, woodlands and streets across Haringey.

Haringey is home to around 40,000 council-maintained trees, more than a quarter of which are in the borough’s streets – improving air quality, providing a sanctuary for wildlife and bringing natural beauty to built-up areas. 

Residents interested in becoming Tree Wardens will join the 65 volunteers who have already signed up to attend regular training sessions on how to protect trees in their neighbourhood and run guided walks and talks.

To find out more about the plans, go along to the next Tree Warden meeting at Bruce Castle Museum between 10am - 2pm on Saturday 28 September.

Source: Haringey Council website

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A welcome idea !

Thanks Liz! I've just filled it out.  It's hopeful to know that the the Council is working to improve things, after the slightly misinformed census they had of the ladder trees this spring that they wanted to cut.

Please join the Haringey Tree Wardens mailing list and we'll try to keep you up to date.

We organise tree walks in a different part of Haringey every two months.

We have a good relationship with the Council as they try to hand as much work as possible over to residents due to government-enforced cuts to the amount of money they're allowed to spend on trees.

They have managed to retain an excellent (though very small) aboricultural department and we are lucky in Haringey to have such a wealth of green that is growing under their careful husbandry.

Here's hoping that viligance and action will help preserve and enhance the treescape for all of us for generations as we face the threat of climate change. Trees are beacons that reflect the health of our climate.


Alex Fraser, our hard working Tree Officer, is giving a talk on Haringey's tree strategy on Sept 28, 10 am at Bruce Castle. It's a joint meeting between the Haringey Tree Wardens and the Tree Trust for Haringey, who are having their AGM at the same time. Come along and find out what's happening to our trees, and how to help.


I'm interested in the training to be a tree warden but can't make the Sat 28th session - is there another route in?

Hi Rebecca - everyone on our mailing list will get all the info sent to them - we hardly send out any emails, so it's not much of a burden to your inbox. Join it here HaringeyTreeWardens.org.uk

You could also check out the Tree Trust - they are fine people! http://www.ttfh.org.uk

Finally, all Tree Wardens are supported by the scheme owners - the Tree Council, who do a lot of the best training themselves http://www.treecouncil.org.uk

Tree Warden training has all been free so far, but some non-London sessions that are a bit broader do charge a little, but they are always optional. You can also teach yourself a lot as it's all pretty much open to all, and if you come on one of our walks you'll find some nice people on a similar quest.



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