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2 bedroom apartment as short term rent for June and July available

We are looking for a short term tennant from 1st June to 20th July. Our lovely Victorian House is located on the corner of Wightman Road/ Hewitt Road. The 2 bedroom apartment over 2 floors is ideal for a single person, a couple or even a couple with a baby.

Ideally we would like to rent it out for the whole 7 weeks we are away, but would also accept a shorter period. The price would be £350 per week.

I am happy to provide more photos if you are interested or feel free to come around to have a look.

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Hi there. Might be interested in this. Can you take my connection request? Then we can email 

Hi Melanie, if this is still available we might be interested in renting it from end June until you get back - we're having building work done and have to move out of our house for a little while. Let me know if that might work and we can discuss. 


My partner and I are buying a new home in Crouch End which should complete on 6 September. We’re moving back from Birmingham after three years with (HSBC and Sainsbury’s) Our home there is due to sell on 3 August. Would you home be available for those dates and if so what would be the price please? Best wishes, Nick



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