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Hi everyone,

Today I saw signs on Warham Road stating that there will be 2 way traffic from 18.3.19 onwards. Does anyone have any more details on this? Why is this happening? For how long? How will they establish a 2 way traffic? Will there be parking suspensions?

I know the Council had sent around flyers regarding Wightman Road but from memory Warham Road will not be affected until a later stage. 

Any thoughts and details greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


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Agree completely Dominic.  Two days of allowing a right turn wouldn’t have been the end of the world.

Thanks for info Michael.

I hope there is fair and very obvious warning at the bottom of Warham Road as many drivers are on automatic pilot zooming up the middle of the road and would not expect to see cars coming in the opposite direction. I agree that it would have been simpler to allow turning right from Green Lanes for 2 days or letting the traffic find its way into Warham from the other direction by just turning left; its hardly a hardship when driving.

The vast majority of the vehicles on Warham have come from Salisbury Rd - since that will be closed I think Warham will be massively quieter than usual, pretty much access-only.

Thanks for getting the info on this, everyone! It did seem a bit extreme and sudden. I was rather alarmed as I'd envisaged heated stand-offs outside my house as cars came face to face at the pinch point (could still happen)

The signs didn't really make it clear that it was to be access only. 

Dear All

As soon as I got the email from Michael and Justin I contacted Highways asking for a full explanation. I wrote:

I am assuming this is an error since all the consultation was about Warham's one way being reversed. Converting to two  way was never on any list or programme so where did this come from?

If this is not a mistake I would ask you to confirm this in writing with a full explanation. I would also ask - should this be the case - that this..... is deferred pending a meeting with residents. It would present a real breach of trust with residents who participated in the traffic study  in good faith.

Please reply as soon as possible and definitely before  March 18.

I got a reply by return as below:

The temporary advanced warning traffic management signing on Warham Road is not related to the scheme associated with the Green Lane Study. 

Haringey will be undertaking resurfacing works on Salisbury Road as part of the extensive patching programme to improve its condition. In order to be able to do this Salisbury Road needs to be closed.  Because of the no right turn from Green Lanes into Warham Road,  alternative access for residents of Warham Road will be provided from the Wightman Road end, with Warham Road being made  2 way (access only) 

These works are programmed to take place in the 18th and 19th March. Should you require any further information on these works please contact the Highways Manager, Mahmood Ramjam, who will be happy to discuss the details of them with you.

 I then wrote back raising issues about the ambiguity of signage and lack of information to local residents and have had a reply:

I have asked the Network management team and Highway team to review the traffic management proposals for these works, and any advanced signing/implementation of it, to make sure its correct and  clear.

I will be following this up again with Highways since as ward councillor I wasn't notified of these temporary arrangements. I will be making the point that effective communication with residents and councillors is critical.

 Obvious, I know!

Please contact me - zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk - if more things come up!


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay Ward



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