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Walking down Wightman Rd this evening (Mon 27th) just after 6pm, I think I may have witnessed a bike being stolen from the front hallway of either 217 or 219 Wightman. If this is your house or your bike, send me a connection request & I can give you further details.

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Yes we had
Click on 'send message' under my name at the top of the page.

By the way, as you seem to be new to HOL and not entirely au fait with how sites such as this work, a piece of friendly advice. You've given an awful lot of identifying information on here - your first name and surname, and your address - and that makes you a target for online scammers who may contact you pretending to have the bike if you give them a reward, or who may target your actual physical address if they think enough time has elapsed for you to have bought a new bike. I would advise editing your screen name and also your post to remove the info about your address.



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