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I am Patient of diease called Gastroesophagal Reflux(GERD.Now today After my lunch 12 :30 pm I had acid reflux attack pain in left side of my chest ,heartburn.I looked I did not had any PPI drugs left and I knew that I cannot buy without prescription that drug.So normally when I dont have my medicines I use Gaviscon to controle heartburn and pain.So I left home and started walking towards chesmit shop near high street .On the way attack started to began worse sqeezing pain in chest and acid started coming out from sliva and I could taste the acid and started choking on saliva.Obviously anyone feel so bad in this situation and I had to get this acid ,saliva out though spitting.By the way I hate spitting on public places generally.I spat couple of time to get this acid out of my mouth.Before I could go to pharmacy to get medical help two envoironmental officer stop me and started taking my details and telling me they have to issue a penality ticket for spitting on prohibited area.I told them I am having acid reflux attack and I am on regular medications.They did not belive me even I find them very rude.They said do I have proof I am patient of this diseas and i am on regular medications and does this disease makes you spit ? If you dont have proof they will issue me ticket.The officer who issued me ticket were very rude and started having heated argument with me and threatened me to take me to court for arguing about my disease and I am sure he had camera on conversation should be recorded.I was angry first I was ill and in pain and second I was geting penality for my symptoms and officer was not willing to belive me.As respectable citizen I thought to my self let them issue ticket and get medicine than contact council for bad treatment and for penality charge.I always respect the environment and the law and always paid my parking tickets on time when I know broke the rule or made mistake.but today I felt bad and insulted by the behaviour of officer and for penality charge and for being not respected or atleast show some sympathy towards my medical sitiation.

now I have to pay £80 with in 14 days and its fixed penality charge and there is no right to appeal.Council said send us email but cannot tell what will be the outcomes and when it will be.TBH other words they said fuck off we dont care really.did anyone had this issue before or anything I can do about it ?

I have all the mdical proofs ,letter from gp as well confirming from three years I have been diagnosed with this issue and regular on medications.

Cansomeone please advise what should I do 

shall I pay the penality charge which shouldnt be given in the first place but officer commission was important or shall I do something  to chellange them any ideas please help.this is not fair to anyone who is suffering from particular disease and getting penality tickets from coucil ?

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Thanks micheal for your suggestion having it once and having it constantly for 3 years is different thing.Also disease and disorder both are uncomfortable ,painful and both needs serious treatment.I guarantee You never woke up choking with acid.I am not defending the offence or denying to pay the penality charge but trying to explain the situation.I hate as much as any normal person will hate spitting on public places.Placing comment here would not save me paying penality but to expect some sensible advice from someone who can feel  my pain being in that situation.Never mind I am not here to win an argument but I assure you If this matter goes to court I will keep posted here all the members atleast It will be lesson for soemone suffering from so called disorder and gets unfair treatment from local authority just for sake of officer commision.Also if I have sqeezing pain in my chest triggering my Asthma and having no PPI I will run for medical help instead of looking for bag where I should apitt or vomit.

This makes me so angry I could spit

1. If you pay the fine in time it will be £40.  You can then appeal the case but you do need to stop it getting higher if you don't pay.

2.  Where did you spit?  There's a big difference between pavements (sidewalks) and on the road.

This reads very like an almost identical case last year on HoL, anyone remember it? 

Yup Pam, I recall that case too, he had it up and down big-time -- and then deleted his whole shebang.

He was crossing the road at Turnpike Lane, hacked and was spotted by the newish Litter Patrol.

Here's the thread http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/fixed-penalty-notice-sp...

His original post survives though his subsequent comments don't because he deleted his account. Similar sentiments to Jaffrey though different writing style.

It was on pavement and there is no right to appeal and there is no less charge to pay early.Citizen advice gave me email adress and asked me to send documents to the email address saying I am on regular medication and I was diagnosed with reflux and also if you told that to ticket officer it should be recorded in his camera so they either cancel ticket or court will dismiss it.Its spitting and vomiting under medical condition is different so hopefully it should be sorted.At the end of the day Its a disgusting topic but My case atleast willbe there for refrence if I win.

Spit is spit though - how can the environmental officers be expected to make a subjective decision on whether it is okay for one person to do it and not another one?  I feel for you not being well but what is the problem with spitting in a tissue?

Whilst I completely sympathise with what seems harsh treatment compared to other goings on around us... there is also a disease called Tuberculosis that makes you spit.

Which was -- and is still -- a main public health reason why spitting is wrong, for fear of spreading the disease. 

Spitting looks, sounds & is gross. No excuse for spitting on the floor, if you need to do it, use a tissue & then put it in the bin. My neighbour had tuberculous last year & I've just seen someone on another forum say they have it. It's disgusting & whenever I see someone spit on the floor around here it makes me feel that they don't care about other people living in their community. Have some respect. I wish the enforcement officers caught more people doing it, I'm fed up seeing frothy, muscus phlegm all over the pavements. 

There is a very simple solution - carry tissues with you and if you need to spit.. spit in the tissue and dispose of the tissue into a bin.

Regardless of the reason you think justifies what you did - spitting on the pavement is absolutely disgusting. 

Exactly. Most winters I get a cold with a fairly "productive" cough. Or my nose drips. I am on medication and the dripping is one of the side effects too. 

In nearly every shop there are little packets of tissues you can keep in your pocket in case you need one on the go. I buy them in packets of ten to make sure I am never without a tissue.

If like me you have a medical condition then you should be prepared to deal with that medical condition - not force the people around you to deal with it by dodging your spit.



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