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From Sustainable Haringey: leafleting against plastic bags at Harringay Sainsbury's

Just to let you know that some of us will be handing out leaflets outside Harringay Sainsbury's over the next few Saturdays, encouraging people to bring their own shopping bags and not accept free plastic bags. We are planning to be there as follows:

Saturday 1 December 10 - 12
Saturday 8 December 12 - 2
Saturday 15 December 10 - 12

If you would like to come along and join in, you are more than welcome! Phone Pat on 07985 620 103 for details.

Just in case you are not convinced of the need for this, here are a few facts to ponder:

Around the world, people use 1 million plastic bags every minute.

More than 500,000,000, 000 plastic bags are used every year.

At least 100,000 birds, whales, seals and turtles die every year after swallowing plastic bags.

Plastic bag litter kills people too: in India and Bangladesh, plastic bags have blocked drains, making floods much more lethal in the rainy season; in Africa, plastic bags trap water, encouraging malaria-carrying mosquitoes to breed ...

More info is available on www.plasticbagfree.com and www.reusablebags.com

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This is a continuation of my entry on taking the car to Sainsburys...

As a foreigner, I'm always amazed on how much the UK lags behind on such matters.

What would be more constructive that campaining against plastic bags..??

For instance, things we have done for yonks in Germany:
Why not make people pay for plastic bags..?
Why not make people pay deposits on all canned drinks..??
Why not make people pay deposits on plastic bottles??

All the above lead to less litter.. very few cans are "chucked away" here! And all Bottles whether plastic or glass are recycled..!

Why not make Supermarkets responsible for all the packaging they produce. Here in boring old Germany, all retailers are required by law to take back all packaging they produce. Overnight they stop the excessive packaging of vegetables and other such things. This always make me very angry when I visit blighty..

As an example: Corn Flake packets: Here, you can separate the outside card packet from the inside "airtight part" in the supermarket and leave the packet in a bin that must be provided by the supermarket. This leads to less household waste and the retailer must pay for the rubbish it produces. No better incentive to cut down on waste.

I really think a change of "mindset" is needed in the UK..
And this also means walking to the Supermarket..!!

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Sorry I missed you! Don't really shop at sainsbury's much. Let me know if you're planning any further action.




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